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Now that the kids have gone back to school, we’re hurtling towards autumn in Australia. Autumn season in Australia is a beautiful time for so many reasons. As travel is well and truly back on the cards for everyone again, I thought it would be a fun to write a post about why I love an Australian autumn and to share a bit about my experience of autumn in Australia (and specifically autumn in Brisbane which is where I live).

When is autumn in Australia?

First, let’s cover some off some of the basics about when is autumn in Australia. 

When does autumn start in Australia? The first day of autumn in Australia is 1st March. The autumn months in Australia are March, April and May. 

The Australian autumn holidays for schools are over the Easter period, the dates of which vary from year to year. If you’re looking to travel to Australia, it’s worth avoiding school holiday dates if you can as everywhere will be busier. You can find the state school holidays dates here. The school holidays during Autumn season in Australia are a lovely time to get out on holiday though, so if you’ve got kids and you don’t mind places being busier, weather-wise it’s a great time to explore. 

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Weather in Australia during autumn months

Unlike in the UK, when I used to find the weather quickly cooled as soon as autumn arrived, autumn season in Australia takes a little longer for the cooler weather to filter through. It can actually still be very hot in the autumn months in Australia (so don’t go expecting lots of cool autumn air, hot chocolate and log fires!) but it’s a great time as the slightly cooler temperatures and the lower humidity rates and less rainfall make it a great time of the year. 

Temperatures in autumn around Australia can vary quite a bit: 

  • Brisbane in autumn can be 15 – 25 degrees
  • Melbourne in autumn can be 10.9 – 20.3 degrees
  • Sydney in autumn can be 14.6 – 22.2 degrees
  • Adelaide in autumn can be 12.7 – 22.7 degrees
  • Perth in autumn can be 13.7 – 26 degrees
  • Darwin in autumn can be 22.1 – 32.7 degrees
  • Canberra in autumn can be 3.2 – 24.5
  • Hobart in autumn can be 7 – 20.1 degrees

(Data from

The Top End’s wet season runs through til April, meaning some attractions may be closed during the first part of autumn. Far North Queensland can be hit with tropical storms at this time of year too so autumn in Australia isn’t always calm and mild! 

As you can see, Autumn weather in Australia can be mixed and it really varies from the beginning of the autumn season to the end of it when temperatures really begin to drop. 

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Autumn trees in Australia

Things I love about autumn in Australia

Here are some of the reasons why I love the autumn season in Australia (of course, these are more about why I love autumn in Brisbane as that’s where I live!)

  1. In autumn, I love that the ocean is still warm. The hot summer sun has spent the last few months heating the water, so when autumn arrives in Australia, it holds onto those temperatures. The ocean temperature does drop a little when July and August arrive, but through most of autumn the ocean still feels warm.
  2. After a long, baking hot summer, autumn in Australia gives us a bit of respite. The humidity drops. The stifling temperatures ease. It still feels hot and sunny but without the uncomfortable crazy-hot feeling. (You still need to wear sunscreen and a hat and take your beach shelter to the beach though, so don’t get caught out!)
  3. Autumn in Australia feels like part of a long summer season. In the UK, I used to feel like autumn, winter and spring all rolled into one to make what felt like an endless cold season (yuck!) leaving us with a short summer lasting just a few weeks. Here, it feels like spring, summer and autumn roll into one long summer season. I prefer a longer summer to a longer winter any day! 
  4. Although I dislike truly cold weather (I don’t miss snow or the crunching of frozen leaves underfoot!), autumn in Australia hints that things are cooling down slightly without actually feeling too cold. In autumn, I like thinking about digging my jeans and Converse out of storage (so comfy!) and towards the end of autumn in Australia I like to begin cooking roasts and stews again (things we tend to avoid during peak summer months as it’s just too hot). I miss the idea of those wintery things after such a long, hot summer. In autumn, I can begin to enjoy them without actually having to feel too cold with it! 
  5. Autumn in Brisbane is an exciting time with lots of events and festivals. As the more unpredictable summer season weather is over (storm season in Brisbane!), it’s the perfect time to be outdoors enjoying this beautiful country. 

What to wear in autumn in Australia

If you’ve been wondering what do Australian’s wear in different seasons, here’s a guide about what to wear for autumn in Australia. This might also help you decide what to pack for Australia or what things to ship to Australia.

From the first day of autumn in Australia up until mid-May I usually wear the same sort of clothes I’ve worn all summer – dresses, skirts and t-shirts, shorts and sandals. There is no big season change in Queensland that means you suddenly need to grab a coat (I’ve only worn a coat a handful of times since moving here and that was only in the hinterland when going out at night between late May – September). 

Sometimes in the last week or two of May, things can really start to feel cooler. That’s when I start to dig out my jeans, socks, pyjamas, Converse and hoodies which I’ll wear sporadically until winter properly sets in. (Remember, winter in Queensland is very different from winter in the UK – it’s still very mild and sunny. You do adjust to it though!)  

My kids have a winter uniform option at school (with trousers and jumpers) but, I have to say, the only piece of official winter uniform attire that gets worn right at the end of autumn when the temperature begins to drop is my daughter’s zip-up jumper. None of them wear their track pants (tracksuit bottoms) or trousers. My sons both wear shorts and short sleeves all year round without any complaint.  

When you’re considering what to wear this autumn, you still need to wear a hat and sunscreen! That is a non-negotiable in Australia!

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What fruits and vegetables are ready in autumn in Australia? 

Autumn in Australia is harvest time with many fruits and vegetables being ripe for picking. These include apples, pears, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, quinces and chestnuts. 

Things to do in autumn in Australia 

There are plenty of things to do in Australia in autumn. You can…

Catch the end of the turtle season at Mon Repos in Bundaberg in Queensland. This is a chance to see the tiny baby hatchlings scuttling off the sand into the ocean. (I’ve seen turtles coming in to lay their eggs a couple of times now and I really need to go back to see them hatching – it looks so cute!) 

Go to Sydney to see Vivid, the incredible festival of light, music and ideas.

Go along to Parrtjima, the authentic annual Aboriginal light festival held in Alice Springs.

Have fun at WOMADelaide, the iconic open-air festival and enjoy music, art and dance. 

Watch the Canberra Balloon Spectacular @Enlighten Festival. Over 25 colourful balloons take to the skies creating a beautiful spectacle. 

Commemorate ANZAC Day on 25th April at one of the dawn services to pay your respects to those who lost their lives in conflicts. 

Go along and have fun at the World Science Festival Brisbane – it’s one of our favourite things to do in autumn!

Visit the whale sharks at Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia.

And so much more! 

Autumn in Australia is a fantastic time to visit! Where are you planning on going in autumn? 

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