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When you have family in Australia and you live overseas, it can be challenging knowing what online gifts to buy them for Christmas, birthdays, Easter and special occasions. I usually suggest experience gifts, gift cards and online gift vouchers in Australia (you can read this post filled with online gift ideas here) but I know right now people are feeling more inclined to send luxury hampers filled with gourmet treats by post and gift hamper baskets of wine or chocolate because there is something special about receiving a physical gift hamper, especially as the last 18 months has been such a challenging time for most people. Australian hampers make the perfect gift! 

Sending Christmas hampers in Australia (or birthday hampers/Easter hampers/Father’s Day hampers/Mother’s Day hampers etc.) is a safe bet – who wouldn’t love to receive a lovely Australian gift hamper in the mail?! 

Top tip for getting gift hampers delivered from the UK or overseas

When ordering your online gift hampers, the important thing is that you order from gift hamper companies based in Australia – don’t try to put together your own gift hamper and post it over – sending hampers to Australia from the UK and other international countries is soooo expensive and it’s just not worth it to send Christmas hampers overseas. Rather than looking for Australian Christmas hampers with international delivery, just choose an Australian hamper brand so it only needs to ship domestically, saving you money (plus the bonus is that you get to send more perishable items than you could get away with including in an international delivery). 

The best part is that many Australian hampers come with free delivery if you order over a certain amount so you can potentially avoid hefty postage fees completely! 

How to order gift hampers in Australia when you live overseas

You can easily send any of these hampers to Australia from any overseas country – it doesn’t matter which country you’re based in. You just pay for your gift hamper online with your usual debit or credit card, you enter your home billing address and then the delivery address of your friend or relative in Australia. It’s easy! Yet I know lots of my family have avoided sending hampers to Australia from the UK because they worried their UK bank card wouldn’t work on an Australian hamper website. Just as I regularly order gifts from UK stores to send to my UK family members using my Australian debit card, you can order from Australian stores for family over here. 

I do always recommend checking with your friend or family member that they’re going to be around to receive the hamper though – you don’t want to buy a chocolate hamper or a gourmet treats hamper and have it sent to them when they’re on holiday! Most of the time our packages are left outside our front door here, so it’s worth making sure the recipient isn’t going to be on holiday – there would be nothing worse than the chocolate hamper melting in the sun on the doorstep or the gourmet treats going off!

Ordering gift hampers in Australia

Over the years, I often get asked which companies can be trusted to send hampers in Australia (as I know it can be difficult to choose one when ordering hampers overseas in a country you aren’t familiar with), so I wanted to get this post about Australian hampers up in case you are looking to send hampers for Christmas. I know you might think it’s a bit early to be thinking about Christmas (is it ever too early?!) but I’m a big believer in getting organised, so read on to check out the best gift hampers to send to your family in Australia. It is possible to get last-minute hampers if you’re stumbling upon this post late in the year though but, if you can, I recommend ordering at least a couple of weeks before the big occasion, especially for Christmas hampers (and especially for Christmas hampers in 2021 as I think hamper companies will be busier than ever this year given we still can’t travel internationally and food hampers still seem to be the best gift of choice until all of the lockdowns are over with). 

Order one of these Oz Christmas hampers for someone you love and I guarantee it will be a big hit!

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Hampers ideas: Sending hampers in Australia

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A gift hamper for Australia
Thinking of sending flowers online as a gift instead? Read this post about sending flowers to Australia here. 

If you’re looking for Australian gift hampers to send to your loved ones, there are quite a few different types to choose from. Think about who you’re shopping for and what type of hampers they’re going to appreciate. Do they love chocolate, gourmet foods, wine or beer? You can get gift hampers online for all occasions and all tastes! 

Charity hampers in Australia

Why not maximise your gift by choosing to give a charity hamper in Australia that way you are giving twice! When you choose a hamper from Charity Hampers Australia, you pick your hamper gift AND they will donate 10% of the value to the charity of your choice. There are over 40 charities to choose from so you can donate to a cause that is important to you. They have all kinds of gift hampers to choose from – beer, wine, chocolate, cheese, wellness hampers, tea and coffee hampers… you name it they have a gift hamper to suit you! 

>> Shop for charity gift hampers in Australia with Charity Hampers 

Gourmet food and drink hampers in Australia

If you’re looking for a gift hamper or gift basket in Australia that contains a mixture of products including snacks, gourmet treats and drinks, check out the following hamper companies. 

Gourmet Basket hampers for Christmas and other occasions

Gourmet Basket offers all kinds of hampers for Australia gifts, including Christmas gift hampers. Proud to support Australian artisan producers, Gourmet Basket sends hampers in Australia filled with gourmet goodies. You can choose gift hampers by price range, by type of the gift hamper (such as cheese and wine, breakfast in bed, tea and coffee) or by theme (birthday, Christmas, new baby etc.) Every hamper purchased is backed by their 100% money-back guarantee too. 

>> Shop for gourmet food hampers in Australia with Gourmet Basket

Macarthur Baskets gift hampers for Australia

Gift Baskets and Hampers Delivered

For gift hampers in Australia filled with all kinds of goodies, Macarthur Baskets is a great choice. They offer gift hampers by occasion or you can choose by product type and you can filter by price too so you can quickly find the best hamper for Christmas or whatever the occasion. Whether you’re looking for food, drink or pampering gifts, Macarthur has plenty of options for finding the perfect Australian hamper. 

>> Shop for gift baskets in Australia from Macarthur Baskets

Beer and wine hampers in Australia

If your family member loves to try craft beer or enjoys some bubbles, you can get drink hampers in Australia.

Drink lovers gift hamper from Brewquets

The beer lover in your life will appreciate getting a beer hamper from Brewquets. If somebody isn’t a beer drinker, there’s also a Christmas cocktail option or a wine option too. These make great birthday hampers or Christmas hampers to send to somebody in Australia. I love that all of their hampers and gift boxes include cans (not bottles) – even the wine and cocktails. It makes it easier to post and less delicate and it’s also a point of difference rather than sending bottles of wine. 

>> Order drink hampers in Australia from Brewquets

Beer gifts in Australia from Beer Cartel 



For more craft beer gifts, check out Beer Cartel. They stock over 1000 beers and beer gifts – and even have a monthly beer subscription via their Beer Club (which makes a great gift so you can keep giving through the year). If you’re running late, you can also buy a beer gift certificate that is available for instant download so don’t worry if you miss the Christmas posting cut-off date. 

>> Shop for beer gifts in Australia at Beer Cartel

Dessert hampers Australia

For someone with a sweet tooth, there are a few great options for getting sweet hampers delivered in Australia.

Edible Blooms: Send an Australian hamper filled with sweet treats

Edible Blooms advert

Edible Blooms are gift hampers that allow you to send a range of sweet and baked goods to your friends and family in Australia. From donuts to chocolate covered strawberries (with a bottle of champagne, of course!) to their signature chocolate bouquet, they make a very special gift for someone you lovel 

>> Shop for sweet gift hampers in Australia at Edible Blooms

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Hampers in Australia: Choose the best Australian hampers

If you’re looking at hampers for Australia, I hope this list helped you discover some online hamper stores to deliver that special gift to your loved ones Down Under. There are lots of hampers for sale in Australia with hamper gifts for all tastes and occasions. Buying Australian hampers is a great way to support artisan Australian food and drink producers too – and your family will LOVE to receive one too!

Merry Christmas and happy shopping!