Briefing for a successful sponsored post on

Thinking of publishing a sponsored post on Smart Steps to Australia? This page breaks down what makes a successful collaboration.

Who is writing the sponsored post – you or me?

There are three options…

1) We write it for you:
We can write the post for you. For this, we will need some bullet points from you, especially if it is a specialist subject.

2) You write it:
Do you feel confident writing the post? If you write the post, it gives you the benefit of getting your voice out there which can build trust with your brand. People come to you for your expertise, so it makes sense for you to write the post as you know things that I don’t.

Here is an example of an excellent, detailed guest post written by a personal brand on my blog:

3) Q&A interview style:
If you aren’t confident writing a post from scratch yourself or you don’t have much time, an option is to do a q&a style post where I send you a list of questions and help edit the replies.


What is your main goal for our collaboration?

You need to have a definite goal for the post and this goal will shape how we structure your post.

What are you hoping to achieve? Are you looking to drive traffic to a landing page, promote a free e-book, introduce people to your brand and start building trust?

It’s important not to expect too many things from one post – have a single main call to action as too many can overwhelm readers. Also, keep the goal simple as readers need to be warmed up before asking too much of them – they may have only just discovered you and need to know they can trust you before giving you their email address or buying a product from you.

Ideally, your goal will be SMART so you can measure the results. Building brand awareness with a new audience is an important goal even though it can be difficult to measure influence.

How will your post help my readers?

A sponsored blog post must help the reader, be informative and have a strong purpose. People will only click on a post if they feel compelled to read it, and a sales post won’t get any traction.

If you offer a professional service, you need to use the space to share that you are an expert. A good idea is to write a post that informs readers about something to the side of the service you offer (i.e. a mortgage broker writing a detailed post about the hidden costs involved in buying a house – it’s an ideal hook without being a direct selling post).

Whatever your service or product, the post needs to be about what difference this product/service can make to my readers’ lives. It isn’t about the spec of the product or what the product can do, it’s relating those specifications to show clearly how they benefit the reader in real terms.

  • instead of saying the vacuum has great suction, say the great suction means you will pick up every last bit from your floor meaning your baby can crawl around in a clean space.
  • instead of saying the infant car seat is comfortable and has strong straps, say you can be confident your baby will be comfortable, secure and safe while you are driving  the school run.
  • instead of saying your relocation services are great value, lay it out with an example. Using a relocation service saved Mrs Smith $500 and three hours of time.

How long should a post be?

Google loves long, in-depth posts. My most popular posts tend to be 1000 – 5000 words long. Ideally, posts should be no shorter than 750 words. More words gives Google more chance to find the post.

What should I write about?

Once I know your goal, I can help you come up with angles as I know my audience. If your service/product relates to migration, I can also post in my Facebook group to ask readers what they need help with and this information can be invaluable. Always begin with the goal and we can work from there.

Do I need to provide images?

If your brand has a personal angle to it, I would love to include an image of you in the post as it helps readers relate to you. If you have a few images to go in the post, that is great but otherwise I can source images.

Why is a sponsored blog post economical?

  • A sponsored post blog post aimed at my audience will reach people who are interested in what you are promoting. It’s not a scattergun approach like traditional advertising – if you know my readers are likely to be interested in your offering then a blog post will be written for them and will target only them which means it will have a higher conversion rate.
  • A sponsored post on my blog will be there forever. Unlike a magazine or newspaper advert, it doesn’t expire and will be searchable on Google bringing in traffic on an ongoing basis. I also regularly re-share sponsored posts in my Facebook group in response to questions so it will find new readers that way. Your one-off fee pays for ongoing promotion.

Can the links in the sponsored post be made do-follow to help with link building?

Google wants links within articles that have been paid for to be marked as no-follow, so to avoid any negative repercussions I mark all of the links to your site within sponsored posts as no-follow links. If you don’t understand what this means, don’t worry – just know that I operate following Google’s guidelines.
The aim of sponsored posts on my website is to raise your profile with my audience, it’s not about selling do-follow links.

Do you need to disclose that a post was sponsored?

Yes. I always explain that posts are sponsored because transparency is important to me. I am open to what exact wording we use so long as it is clear that it is a sponsored post. I also ensure any promotion of that post on Facebook uses the branded content tool which marks it as a paid collaboration.

I’m keen to work with you on an affiliate basis and have our brand added to one of your resource pages. Is this possible?

Absolutely. I have recently reorganised my website and I now have resources pages for migration, lifestyle and travel. Send me an email and we can chat

I want to join your emigration Facebook group so I can engage more with your group members

Unfortunately, my Move to Australia Facebook group is only for families who are moving to Australia or who those have made the move. I don’t allow migration businesses into the group, and I don’t allow members to post self-promotional links in the group. I’m in the group every day and I reply with relevant links when questions are asked so I make sure sponsored posts are promoted when people show an interest in the subject.

What makes a great sponsored post?

  • When a brand knows exactly what they want to achieve from a post
  • When the post has a strong, compelling and easy call to action
  • When the post is detailed, interesting, informative and shareable
  • When a post addresses the biggest pain points of the audience in relation to the subject
  • When the post is written in a language the audience can relate to and when the benefits are clearly laid out in a personal way to the reader how and why this service/product will make their lives better/easier

How do we get started?

Visit the Work With Me page for more details about why we should collaborate or contact me now to get started.