Best weekend trips from Perth

Best weekend trips from Perth is a guest post by Keri of Our Globetrotters. This site contains some affiliate links. Perth is one of my favourite cities in the world. We *almost* moved there and I know we’d have loved it as we really enjoyed our time travelling... Read More

Steps to buying a house in Australia

Steps to Buying a House in Australia is a sponsored post by Mortgages, Money and Me. This week’s blog post is a guest post from Roni Gors of Mortgages, Money and Me in Perth, Western Australia. I remember how daunting it was to buy our first home in Brisbane... Read More

Books to inspire your move to Australia

While I love the Internet and blogging, I’m also a total book addict. I love real books when it comes to travel planning. I LOVE to turn over the corner of pages and scribble notes in the margins (sorry to those of you who hate the idea of defacing books –... Read More