The mince pies are long gone. The New Year is well underway. Is this the year you’re going to make your dream of moving to Australia a reality? If so, kick start your adventure by taking part in a live web chat in my Facebook group with Veronika Hurbis of Sort Out My Visa.

The live migration web chat is taking place on Wednesday 23rd January 2019 from 9pm – 10pm (UK time) inside the closed Facebook group.

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Veronika Hurbis is a migration agent based in Wales. If you’re thinking seriously about moving to Australia, she’s a great person to speak to!

Find out why you might want to use a migration agent here.

We used Sort Out My Visa for our visa application, and they made it all super easy. When I set up this website, Veronika was the first person I wanted to get on board to work with me.

There’s no need to be signed up to use Veronika as your agent to take part in the chat – she’s providing her time for free to the group to answer any visa-related questions you might have. Even if you’re signed up with another agent already, you can still ask her questions.

So whether you’re trying to work out whether to apply for a Skilled Independent Visa or a State Sponsored Visa, or you want to know the likelihood of being able to bring your parents out permanently when you get settled – Veronika can answer it all live. If it turns out you have some more in-depth questions that she can’t cover in the group chat, she will be happy to take your conversation outside the group.

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Find out more about Sort Out My Visa and the services available

Veronika offers a range of services from DIY options to done-for-you applications.

Find out about Veronika’s services here and learn about the discount you can claim by being a reader of Smart Steps to Australia. Check out all the details here.

Join the Move to Australia Facebook group

If you aren’t already a member of the Move to Australia Facebook group, click the link now and request to join. Then be sure to be online on the group page waiting at 9pm (UK time) on Wednesday 23rd January 2019.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask but you can’t be online at that time, please email them to me and let me know so I can ask Veronika for you (the chat thread will stay in the group so you can check in at any time to see the answers).

See you there!


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