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Baby, toddler and child gear

Hire baby gear for your arrival in Australia. Get started with my website partners below.

Hire for Baby

Hire for Baby

Arrange to have the baby gear you need waiting for you in Australia when you land

If you’re moving to Australia with children, you might need the services of Hire for Baby! Hire for Baby offers a range of baby/toddler/child gear for hire which is perfect for your arrival (or for when your friends or family are visiting).

Need a car seat for your hire car? Hire for Baby can have a clean, safe car seat installed and waiting for your arrival. (Australian car seats can be tricky to install, especially after a 24-hour flight, and car hire companies don’t install them for you!)

Need a cot, high chair or any other baby gear to be waiting in your apartment or hotel? Hire for Baby have you covered and can arrange to have it all waiting for your arrival!

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