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Find emigration insurance for your one-way adventure, or shop for travel insurance for your next international trip. Get started with my website partners below.

Go Walkabou One-Way Travel Insurance

Go Walkabou One-Way Travel Insurance

Offering great value, comprehensive one-way insurance for your relocation

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Take out one-way travel insurance for your peace of mind when travelling to Australia and getting settled. You can cover your journey, transit and some time after you land in Australia so you have time to find your feet and make decisions about whether you want to take out any other insurance policies in Australia (like contents insurance and health insurance).

Get a quote quickly and have your documents emailed to you in minutes.

Want to learn more about one-way insurance and why it’s important? Read this blog post.

Taking out a one-way emigration insurance police with Go Walkabout will put you in good company as these members of the Move to Australia Facebook community will tell you:

Louise: ‘I’ve taken a policy out with Go Walkabout who you mentioned in your blog. [It was] Really easy, I had to contact their medical team with a pre existing condition and they were easy to deal with then they just give you a reference to put on your online form, literally only took a couple of minutes to sort out so was pleased about that’

Lisa: ‘We used [Go Walkabout]. Was struggling to find anyone who had “one way” as an option online – they all seemed to demand you call that so thanks for the recommendation!’

Emma: ‘We used Go Walkabout, took out a policy for the first couple of weeks, no problems, easy process and good value. Thanks for the recommendation.’

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Cover More Travel Insurance

Cover More Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance for your overseas holiday

Cover-More offers travel insurance (not one-way insurance). If you’re looking for insurance to cover you for trips or for holidays back to your country of origin, you will need travel insurance.

Many people think they don’t need travel insurance for a trip back to their home country, but you absolutely do! Travel insurance is especially important during the current climate.

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