Use Anish Prasad of iLendFinance as your mortgage broker and receive a $100 visa giftcard upon settlement! Read on for full details.

Brisbane mortgage broker who covers the whole of Australia

I work with iLendFinance on a referral basis. This means I receive a commission if you go on to arrange a mortgage with them at no extra cost to you.

If you’re looking for a mortgage broker in Brisbane who takes time to understand your unique circumstances, then Anish Prasad of iLendFinance is a great place to start! And now I’ve negotiated a deal with him to give readers of my website $100 cashback* when your mortgage settles!
*conditions apply

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Looking for the best mortgage broker in Brisbane?

If you’ve recently moved to Australia, home loan specialist Anish can help you identify the best mortgages with the cheapest mortgage rates. As he has an understanding of what the best home loan lenders require in terms of your job situation, he can also help you find the best mortgage interest rates for your circumstances, while also ensuring that you choose a home loan lender that appreciates the fact you may not have lived in Australia for very long and your credit history here might be minimal.

While Anish is a Brisbane mortgage broker, he covers the whole of Australia. If you’re looking for a home loan specialist in the Brisbane area, he can come and visit you for a no obligation chat in person, but if you’re based outside Brisbane then he can give you home loan advice over the phone and via email.

Want to know more about buying a house in Australia? Check out this post about how to buy a house in Australia as an expat.

Access the best mortgage deals and get a $100 visa card as cashback!

A dream house with pool

Cashback special offer for readers of SmartStepstoAustralia: Use Anish Prasad from iLendFinance as your Australian mortgage broker for a home loan of at least $200k and, two weeks after your mortgage loan settles, he will send you a visa card loaded with $100 as a thank you for coming through my website to him! It’s that simple. This offer is open to all new home loan applications placed from 1st February 2019 (the offer can’t be backdated if you put in for your home loan before this date, unfortunately).

Please note, in order to receive this offer, Anish needs to know that you have come from this website site. The easiest way to show him that is by using the contact form below for your initial contact.

Please complete the contact form below for Anish and he will get in touch with you.

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    When you are buying your home in Australia, especially after you’ve spent so much money moving across the world, you want to save money wherever you can.

    Getting the best mortgage advice is essential. You need a home loan specialist who understands the needs of new arrivals who may only have recently started a job (maybe even on a casual or temporary basis) and may not have much/any credit history. Anish knows the different mortgage providers and can recommend the best one to suit your circumstances which is just as important as getting you a great rate.

    How to get the $100 cashback deal when taking out a mortgage in Australia

    Send Anish an initial message through the contact form on this page. That will track that you came from my website. He will get in touch to arrange to chat with you with no obligation. It’s free, so what have you got to lose?!

    If you decide to use Anish’s service as a mortgage broker, and he knows you are a Smart Steps to Australia reader, when your mortgage settles he will send you a $100 visa card (your mortgage needs to be over $200k to be eligible for the giftcard). That’s it! He is paid a fee by the mortgage company, so you don’t need to pay him anything for his services.

    You can use the giftcard to buy anything where you see the visa sign (i.e. pretty much any shops or online stores). So whether you use it for a dinner out to celebrate your new home, you buy yourself an expensive bottle of champagne or you use it to buy some new furniture – it is yours to enjoy as you wish.

    Finding the best mortgage deals and looking for recommendations of the best mortgage broker can make your head spin. But it’s important to use a mortgage broker rather than going straight to your bank as they can ensure you are considering the best mortgage lenders on the market. They also have inside knowledge about how much evidence is required, how much work experience is needed and all of the things that can make a difference between a successful mortgage application and a failed attempt. A mortgage is the most expensive borrowing you’re ever going to take on, so get an expert mortgage broker to help you navigate to ensure you get the best mortgage for your needs.

    Our story of buying a home in Australia

    We spoke to our new Australian bank when we arrived in Australia and felt very disheartened about the likelihood of getting a mortgage for years as I was self-employed with no history in the country and my husband was going to be working in temporary contracts. Anish came highly recommended from a number of our expat friends who had recently bought houses, so we called him for a chat not expecting him to tell us anything different. After meeting him, we were so relieved to find we were eligible for a mortgage just using my husband’s income (even though we hadn’t been here long) so it didn’t matter that I didn’t have a few years of accounts behind me here.

    After understanding our circumstances, Anish recommended Commonwealth Bank to us for our mortgage. Being able to get a mortgage so quickly meant that instead of waiting a few years, we were able to buy our dream home in north Brisbane with a pool in Australia just nine months after landing here. Moving into our own home so quickly helped us put down roots and feel settled. A few years on and our mortgage is still with Commonwealth Bank and we’ve found their customer service to be excellent which is why I reached out to them to be my banking partner for this site.

    You can contact Anish through this form below:

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      Rather than wasting time looking for home loan calculators or mortgage repayment calculators, you need to speak to a specialist for Aussie home loans. A first home buyer in Australia could be eligible for various grants too – a mortgage broker will be able to help you navigate all of it.

      What are you waiting for?!

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      Full details of cashback offer:

      • You must let Anish know that you are a reader of my site to be eligible for the offer or use the contact form above as this shows him you came via my website.
      • You will receive the $100 gift card two weeks after your loan settles. This will be sent to you by Anish.
      • Your home loan must be for $200k or more in order to receive the cashback offer.
      • Smart Steps to Australia receives a referral fee from iLendFinance if you take out a mortgage with them.
      • The cashback offer is open to all new home loan applications put in from 1st February 2019. The offer can’t be backdated.

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