For anyone who has missed the announcements on Facebook, we’ve recently launched a new closed Facebook group: Thrive in Australia.

While the established Move to Australia group is focused on providing a supportive community to help people actually make the move to Australia, our new group, Thrive in Australia, is all about supporting those of you who are now living in Australia. It’s about getting the most out of your new life in Australia, about helping support you through the transition (which can be exhausting, tricky, challenging, exciting, fun and so many other things…) and supporting you beyond that too. It’s a space for like-minded people who are moving to Australia to come together as we’re all united in the fact that we left behind a home to relocate to a brand new country and set up a new life, so even though we will put down roots and make new friends there is something comforting about having a network of people who just ‘get it’.

Why a Facebook group about lifestyle in Australia?

A group of people on the beach in Australia enjoying the lifestyle

When we were in the process of moving to Australia, I joined lots of migration Facebook groups and online emigration forums. They were a huge support during the challenging process of migrating. We made the move but the challenges didn’t end when we landed in Australia. There are all kinds of new things to navigate when you’re living in Australia – where do you buy furniture, what words are used for things, how do you deal with lengthy visits from family members, should you buy or build a house, what can you do if you can’t find work, is health insurance worth the investment, what attractions are good for families…There are so many questions!

Up until now, we’ve covered a lot of these things in the Move to Australia Facebook group but I decided the time was right to begin a second group so that we could move those Australia lifestyle discussions into a new lifestyle in Australia Facebook group: Thrive in Australia.

Is the Thrive in Australia Facebook group for me?

I’d love to see you over in the Thrive in Australia group if:

  • you’re living in Australia already and you moved here from another country (it doesn’t matter if you’ve just arrived or you’ve been here for years and years)
  • you’re about to move to Australia soon and want somewhere to ask questions about living in Australia
  • you’re in the process of applying to move to Australia and want to see what the lifestyle is like (if this is you then remember to post questions about migration in the Move to Australia group and save Thrive in Australia group for questions around the subject of living in Australia/the lifestyle in Australia.)

There are a few questions to answer when you click to join. It would be really helpful if you could answer those so I know you’re a real person (as always, I do my best to keep spammers, sales people and fake profiles out of the group).

Join the Thrive in Australia community

We’d love to see you in there!

> Join Thrive in Australia here


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