A few days ago, I shared this exciting news on my Facebook page and in my group and the response was huge! I knew I needed to write a post about it to share all the details. Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts has arrived 23at Changi Airport in Singapore for the festive season!

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Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts comes to Singapore Airport!

A Wizarding World Holiday arrives at Changi Airport in Singapore this festive season (from 16 November 2018 to mid-February 2019), creating a magical atmosphere for visitors in transit through Singapore Airport, and providing an exciting Singapore stopover for those with more time to spare for a Singapore family holiday on their way to Australia or on a visit back to see family from Australia for the holidays.

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Harry Potter at Singapore Changi Airport

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The arrivals hall at Changi Airport, Singapore

Image courtesy of Chani Airport

From 16 November 2018 to mid-February 2019, visitors at Changi Airport in Singapore can embark on a journey inspired by J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts stories and films series as they experience the airport’s annual festive campaign. This unique collaboration between Warner Bros. in Singapore is set to inspire fans young and old with four life-sized sets spread around Changi’s three terminals. How exciting is that?!

What can you expect from the Harry Potter exhibition at Changi Airport?

The car out of Harry Potter which is coming to Changi Airport

You will be able to visit Hogsmeade VillageDiagon Alley, the Whomping Willow found on the grounds at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and Newt Scamander’s Menagerie as seen in the new film, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. With interactive activities and exciting backdrops to transport die-hard fans into the wizarding world, the Harry Potter exhibition at Changi Singapore is bound to sway families to choose Singapore for their stopover as they move to Australia.

Singapore has so much to offer families looking for a night or two to break up the long journey. Changi is also an incredible airport to spend a few hours in transit between flights as there is so much to see and do in addition to the new Changi Harry Potter event.

Want to know more about travelling in Australia? Visit my Discover Australia pages for inspiration.

Where to see the Harry Potter attractions at Changi

Changi’s Terminal 3 (T3) is where you’ll find Hogsmeade Village. The Departure Hall re-creates the pretty little magical town complete with snowy rooftops set against the backdrop of the Hogwarts Castle in the distance. Explore the replica shops such as Zonko’s Joke Shop, Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop, Owl Post and sweet shop Honeydukes. Fans can get up close with the iconic Hogwarts Express or take photos of themselves with one of the magical folks that live in Hogsmeade.

There are scheduled daily snow falls and light shows which promise to entertain and delight visitors.

The Hogwarts Express

Also in Terminal 3, you’ll find Diagon Alley where you can imagine yourself purchasing your school supplies as you stroll past Madam Malkin’s Robes for all Occasions, joke shop Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes, and Quality Quidditch Supplies.

You can have a hands-on wizarding experience as you try on a Hogwart’s uniform and dress robes and have your photo taken in front of the magical mirror. Try your hand at casting spells with a flick of your wand before moving on to practice your Quidditch skills where you can ride a broomstick and have a go at a Quaffle Toss!

Remember the cute Niffler in Fantastic Beast and Where to Find them? You can come face to face with one – just keep your shiny coins safely tucked away in your pockets or you might lose them!

The Changi Terminal 2 Departure Hall hosts a fabulous Whomping Willow – a very cool replica of the magical tree from the Harry Potter stories – complete with a flying car wedged in from when Harry and Ron flew to school.

Terminal 1 Transit Hall is where you can find Newt Scamander’s Menagerie – the place to see magical creatures from the new Fantastic Beasts movie.

With lots of merchandise on offer too (although you might not need a Gryffindor scarf if you are moving one-way to Australia!), your kids (and you) will have a ball.

My 6yo is OBSESSED with Harry Potter so she would love a trip here.

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A Singapore Airlines plane taking off

Get in the mood for the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beast Changi Airport collaboration

Looking for some Harry Potter-inspired gifts to get you in the mood for your visit to Changi Airport’s Harry Potter collaboration? Look no further!

Harry Potter inspired gifts and memorabilia

Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling

Read the books (again!)
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Harry Potter socks

Make sure you arrive at Changi Aiport’s Harry Potter event dresssed for the part with these fun socks.

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Harry Potter purse

Check out this Harry Potter-inspired cream purse and keep your coins safe from the Niffler.

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Harry Potter notebook and wand

Don’t arrive without your Harry Potter notebook and wand pencil!

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Harry Potter Lego

Do your kids play with Lego on planes? I’m not sure it’s the best idea as small pieces can get lost, but you could bring a set to play with when you arrive! I know my three would love this set.
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Harry Potter pyjamas

If like us, you like to try to keep your kids in their usual routine on board the flight then you might like to get in the Harry Potter spirit with some Harry Potter pyjamas

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Harry Potter Cludo

This is actually on our kids’ Christmas list and they don’t even know (aka I want it so they are getting it in their stocking haha).

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About Singapore Changi Airport

Changi Airport isn’t only a great place to stop if you’re a Harry Potter fan right now though. Changi Airport in Singapore is the world’s sixth busiest airport for international traffic. With more than 400 retail stores across four terminals to cater to passengers and visitors, not to mention an endless array of things to do at Changi from a butterfly garden and a free cinema to a rooftop swimming pool and a cactus garden, it is set up for passengers who have a few hours stopover in Singapore between flights.

A terminal at Changi Airport Singapore

Image courtesy of Changi Airport Singapore

I’ve been to Changi a few times now as we used it as a hub while we were on round the world tickets so had a number of flights coming and going through there, plus when we moved to Australia we travelled on Singapore Airlines via Singapore Changi airport. I love that there are so many options of shops and places to eat, not to mention transit hotels and sleeping booths where you can get some rest between flights. It’s actually my favourite airport out of all of the airports I’ve been around the world.

If you have a stopover in Singapore, you can even do a free Singapore tour (for this you need 5.5 – 8 hours to spare) or a Discover Changi Airport Tour (for this you need 2.5 hours plus to spare between flights). Find out all of the details about your transit at Changi Airport here.

What to do at Changi Airport Singapore: Plan your Changi Airport arrival

Changi Butterfly Gardens

The world’s first airport butterfly garden is home to around 1000 tropical butterflies and a lush array of tropical plants plus a six-metre waterfall.

tropical gardens at Changie airport

Image courtesy of Changi Airport

Rooftop swimming pool at Changi

In terminal 1 you’ll find the rooftop swimming pool and jacuzzi. The cost for this is SGD17 (unless you are a guest of the Aerotel Airport Transit Hotel as guests receive complimentary access).

Movie theatre

In terminals 2 and 3 you’ll find a free movie theatre screening a variety of movies 24 hours a day.

A cinema at Changi Airport Singapore

Image courtesy of Changi Airport

Cactus Garden

View over 100 species of cacti and desert plants in this roof garden in terminal 1.

Discover Changi tour

If you have at least 2.5 hours to spare, joining a complimentary one-hour guided tour of Changi’s nature trails and themed gardens plus explore the entertainment and leisure opportunities.

Free Singapore tour from Changi

If your Singapore layover means you have at least 5.5 hours to spare, join a free Singapore tour. The Heritage tour runs five times a day, and the City Sights tour runs twice a day. Don’t waste the opportunity to explore the sights and sounds of Singapore.

Children’s playground

If your little ones need to burn off energy between flights, make a beeline one of the play areas available for terminals 1, 2 and 3.

A playground at Changi Airport Singapore

Image courtesy of Changi Airport

The Social Tree

Social media lovers will enjoy the nine-metre Social Tree in terminal 1- it’s an interactive installation where you can share your own moments at Changi. Your updates will be collected to create a memory capsule which will become part of Changi’s history. The best part is that you can go back on your next visit and pull up those memories.

The social tree at Changi Airport

Sunflower Garden

Terminal 2 has a rooftop nursery full of vibrant sunflowers – top up your vitamin D and leave feeling refreshed while also watching the planes come and go on the runway.

Places to rest at Changi

There are transit hotels where you can rest in terminals 1, 2 and 3. Don’t bother looking for hotels near Changi Airport if your stopover is short – book into an on-site transit hotel for a nap or overnight stay and you don’t even have to clear immigration. The hotels also have facilities such as pools so you can relax and unwind ready for your next flight. Find the contacts for each Singapore Airport transit hotel here.

If an airport hotel isn’t for you, check out hotels in Singapore on booking.com 

If your wait for the next flight isn’t too long, an alternative is to use one of the rest areas. There are free to use Singapore Airport Snooze Lounges in all terminals. Find out where they are located here.

More things to do at Singapore Changi Airport

All of this is really only scratching the surface of things to do at Changi Airport – there are water lily gardens, kinetic rain, an orchid garden, an enchanted garden, an entertainment deck, a koi pond, the world’s tallest slide and so much more!

Changi Airport koi pond

Image courtesy of Changi Airport

Visit the Changi transit pages to learn more and plan your visit to Changi Airport. 

Visit Singapore with kids for a layover

Singapore skyline

There are loads of things to do in Singapore with kids. If the Changi Harry Potter exhibition has influenced your flights, then it’s worth thinking about having a few nights in Singapore to explore.

Getting around Singapore: Transport in Singapore

Singapore’s MTR (mass rapid transit) is one of the world’s most efficient public transport systems, there is no excuse not to get out and about in this buzzing cultural hotspot. All key attractions are within walking distance of a MTR station. You can buy tickets for single trips, but if you intend to use the MRT and bus services regularly during your stay, you can buy a Singapore Tourist Pass (STP), a special EZ-Link stored-value card which allows unlimited travel for one day (S$10), two days (S$16) or three days (S$20).

You can also travel by taxi. Cabs are on a metre and can include an additional surcharge. You can hail these from the roadside or by waiting at a taxi rank and check the price before travelling.

Singapore’s buses cover an extensive network and are an economical way to get around.

You will find Singapore’s four Visitors Centres in ION Orchard, Orchard (next to orchardgateway@emerald), Kampong Glam or Chinatown. This is a great place to find out more information or get help with transport questions.


Singapore Hotels: Where to stay in Singapore with kids

There are lots of options of Changi airport hotels to choose from if you decide not to stay in a Changi Airport transit hotel, but if you plan on making your Singapore stopover a longer holiday, there are a few options to choose from:

Sentosa Island, Singapore

Sentosa island is a great base for a Singapore family holiday. It is close to many of Singapore’s family attractions. Sentosa is well connected to the city by a variety of transport options including a road and monorail. Visit the Sentosa website for full transport details. 

A monorail at Singapore

The 500-hectare island is an entertainment centre with a selection of attractions, spa retreats, rainforests, beaches, golf courses, shops and eating establishments. It is also home to Universal Studios Singapore theme park.

Top picks for where to stay at Sentosa Island Singapore for families

A beach at Sentosa Island Singapore

Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa

If you’re looking for a luxury hotel in Singapore for your family, Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa always comes out the top. It is also the only beachfront hotel in Singapore.

Check out prices on booking.com here

With panoramic views of the South China Sea, Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa is a modern, tropical destination. With multiple dining options (there are six restaurants and bars!), an amazing kids’ club for kids aged 5 – 12, a play area for under fives (parent supervision is needed), an outdoor playground, a sprawling lagoon pool, kids’ water slides and a kids’ splash pool not to mention a full programme of activities to keep your family entertained, it would be easy to spend all of your time at the resort. But that would be a waste as it is also well located to explore the nearby attractions such as Universal Studios, Madame Tussauds and the VivoCity Shopping Mall.

Check out prices on booking.com here

Hard Rock Hotel Singapore

If you’re a regular reader/follower, you will probably know by now that I love the Hard Rock Cafes and I visit them whenever I get chance. I’ve never actually stayed in one of their hotels before though but it’s up there on my hit list.

Hard Rock cafe logo in neon

The Hard Rock Hotel Singapore blends glamour with contemporary design. The incredible tropical pool complete with sandy, man-made beach looks like a great place to unwind after your long flight – there is even a swim up bar where you can enjoy your evening cocktails! The fact that it has a kids’ club and it is only minutes away from the main attractions of Universal Studios, SEA Aquarium etc.) makes it another good place to stay in Singapore with kids.

Search prices for Hard Rock Hotel Singapore on booking.com

If neither of these hotels are quite what you’re looking for, you can search for other family accommodation on Sentosa island on booking.com

Singapore accommodation at Orchard Road

Orchard Road is the retail heart of Singapore, and it makes a great base for exploring. Here you’ll find a mixture of luxury hotels, serviced apartments and everything in between. It’s a great location for those looking to shop and eat – you will be in retail and foodie heaven! Find out more about Orchard Road here.

A picture of fine food in Singapore

Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

The Shangri-La Hotel Singapore (yes, I know I suggested the Shangri-La above too but these are honestly the two hotels in Singapore that get the best reviews and have people raving about them!) is another great luxury option for families. The hotel is set in 15 acres of tropical gardens, yet it is just seven minutes away from the buzz of Orchard Road. Offering fine dining, tennis courts, a 25-hour fitness centre and a complimentary shuttle service to selected areas, this is a great hotel for families looking for a luxurious and convenient base to explore this buzzing city.

Check out prices at Shangri-La Hotel Singapore on booking.com

Things to do in Singapore with kids: The best Singapore attractions for families

There are so many things to do in Singapore – your only challenge will be deciding what you can fit into your Singapore holiday.

Attractions and things to do in Singapore

Singapore Zoo

A tiger at Singapore Zoo

Visit Singapore’s award-winning wildlife park where animals roam free in their natural habitats and view over 2,800 animals from elevated platforms, underwater galleries and glass observatories.  A guided tram will give you a gentle tour of the 26-hectare wildlife park, or you can walk around the different zones on foot at your own pace. You can make your own way there or purchase an add-on transfer from your hotel to keep things easy too. Night tours are also available.

>>Get your Singapore Zoo Ticket

Universal Studios

A ride at Universal Studios Singapore

The Universal Studios Singapore theme park features 28 rides, shows and attractions to keep you entertained all day long. The impressive park is set in seven movie-themed zones featuring rides packed with thrills and spills, plus an array of cartoon and movie characters. The park can get busy so get there early, or buy the VIP experience where you get a guided tour and VIP access to the rides (this is great if you’re short on time or have kids who don’t want to wait!)

Get a [Klook Exclusive] Universal Studios Singapore™ Ticket (1 Day Pass)

>>Buy the Universal Studios Singapore™ VIP Tour Experience

S.E.A Aquarium Sentosa Singapore

Jellyfish at the SEA Aquarium Singapore

Take a peek into the ocean and be wowed by the marine world at S.E.A Aquarium Sentosa Singapore. With more than 100,000 underwater animals from approximately 1,000 species, you will be kept more than busy exploring the pools and tunnels.

>>Get your tickets to S.E.A. Aquarium Sentosa, Singapore

Gardens by the Bay

Aerial view of the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore

Visit Singapore’s awe-inspiring Gardens by the Bay to take in the 101 hectares of gardens. The super-sized trees are the highlight –  these vertical gardens are between nine to 16 storeys tall. Walk on the suspended walkway between two Super trees to get the best view of the gardens. In the evening, catch the spectacular display of choreographed lights and sounds. Amble around, enjoy a picnic, marvel at the world’s tallest indoor waterfall and embrace the natural beauty that surrounds you. Buy your ticket through the link below and you get to skip the line entry.

>>Buy your ticket to Gardens by the Bay and OCBC Skyway

Cable car

A cable car in Singapore

Enjoy 360-degree views of Singapore’s Southern precinct, including bird’s eye views of the iconic Mount Faber Park, Universal Studios, Resorts World Sentosa and more! What an incredible way to get to Sentosa Island – this is a must-do experience.

Buy your Singapore Cable Car Skypass

iVenture Ultimate Attraction Pass

Someone standing in front of the Universal Studios Singapore globe water feature

The iVenture Singapore Ultimate Attractions Pass is THE pass to buy to give you full access to Singapore’s leading family attractions, including Universal Studios Singapore, Singapore Flyer, Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, S.E.A. Aquarium, a River Cruise and more…With this pass, you can take advantage of the ‘skip the queue’ benefits at selected attractions and enjoy dining offers such as The Landmark lunch buffet. It’s a flexible option for families wanting to do all the things. Plan your own itinerary with 30 attractions included in the pass. You will also benefit from extra discounts and savings on other activities, shopping and dining.

Don’t miss this!

>>Get your iVenture Singapore Ultimate Attractions Pass

Hop on hop off Singapore tourist bus

I LOVE hop on hop off buses and have been on so many of them around the world. They give you a great overview of the city plus are a flexible way to explore as you can get off and spend time in different districts. There are seven available routes to choose from and they take in the main hotels making it so easy to get around.

>>Get your Singapore Big Bus Hop-on Hop-off Tour (Open-Top) bus ticket

Plan your Singapore holiday

Get organised for your upcoming Singapore holiday by buying some comprehensive guide books.

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Get your hands on the new book published by Marianne Rogerson of Mum on the Move

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[easyazon_link identifier=”B07J5G1G6G” locale=”UK” tag=”smartsteps-21″]Buy Singapore with Kids: The ultimate travel guide for families[/easyazon_link]

[easyazon_cta align=”none” identifier=”B07J5G1G6G” key=”small-orange” locale=”UK” tag=”smartsteps-21″]

If you’re looking for a pocket guide book to take out with you, Lonely Planet has you covered.

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Stopover in Singapore

There are so many things to do in Singapore with kids and so many places to see in Singapore for all the family. Singapore offers lots of hotels for families, from luxury to budget accommodation. If you’re stopping over on a UK to Australia flight, Singapore can be the perfect layover destination to break up the journey and avoid the jetlag and over tired kids.

I can’t wait to go back!


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