Pricing for sponsored content on

Please find below a pricing breakdown for all types of sponsored content. Bespoke packages are available – please contact to discuss details.

All sponsored posts are:

  • shared on the site’s Facebook page, Pinterest and Instagram
  • shared into the Move to Australia group and/or the Thrive in Australia Facebook group (depending on relevancy)
  • included in our weekly email to our list
  • included on the site forever, with no renewal fees.

If you want to learn more about creating an enticing offer with a sponsored post on Smart Steps to Australia, read this guide to getting the most out of sponsored posts. 

Sponsored posts or sponsored reviews written by us

One-off sponsored post or sponsored review written by us

Reach’s audience through a single sponsored post to begin raising brand awareness.

Post will be:

  • at least 1000 words and include images and SEO keywords to help the post rank in Google
  • written in keeping with the site’s style so readers can relate to it
  • written to solve our audiences’ problems while helping you reach your goals

Example of a sponsored post: Organise your Australia sim card
Example of a sponsored review: Buddy Wagon sponsored review

Price for a one-off sponsored post or sponsored review: $500

Series of sponsored posts written by us

If you order more than one post at the same time, and pre-pay for them in full, then we offer the following discounts. This allows you to build continued brand awareness and trust and keeps you front of mind with our readers so they are more likely to take action.

Price for two posts (includes a 5% discount): $950
Price for three posts (includes a 10% discount): $1350

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to collaborate with you!

Our email discussions gave me the initial direction that I needed and your ongoing coaching helped me deliver an article that was true to my business, yet optimised for maximum client engagement.  Within minutes of you posting the article on Facebook I had multiple requests to join my group, and within 48 hours I have had two client contacts.  It is early days yet, but already I have had far better response than traditional print advertising.  I would definitely like to continue our collaboration, and I can’t wait to see what we produce next!

Thank you once again,

Mortgages, Money and Me

Publishing a pre-written sponsored post

You can provide a pre-written post for our site (like an advertorial in a magazine). This allows our readers to get to know you and see you as a specialist in your field.

Post must:

  • be well-written and free from errors
  • at least 750 words long (ideally over 1000 words)
  • be accompanied by at least one landscape image (ideally of you/your team so readers can see who you are)
  • solve a problem for our audience and not be solely promotional in nature.

Example of a pre-written sponsored post: Costs of buying a house in Australia

Price for publishing a pre-written post: $400

Publishing a sponsored Q&A

If you want to share your expertise and get a lot of information across, a Q&A style post is a great way to do it.

Together, we will come up with a list of questions that allow you to show off your expertise while answering our readers’ burning questions.

Examples of a Q&A style post: Get help finding the best places to live in Sydney and Find the best places to live in Melbourne 

Price for publishing a Q&A post: $450

Please note, all links to your site in our posts are marked as ‘sponsored’ as per Google’s guidelines for paid content. 

Please contact Karen Bleakley to discuss your requirements.