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I have posts about buying online gift vouchers for people in Australia and sending gift hampers to Australia, but this month I’ve been contacted by two different readers asking ‘how can I send flowers to Australia from the UK?’ Whether you’re reading this post as Christmas is approaching, you’re looking for beautiful flowers as birthday gifts, Mother’s Day gifts, romantic red roses for Valentine’s Day, Easter flowers, or even funeral flowers, I thought it might be useful to write a quick post about sending flowers to Australia. You can order from the comfort of your home, and flowers make great last-minute gifts, especially when you live in a different country. Organising your international flower delivery doesn’t need to be difficult.  

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Flower delivery in Australia | Send flowers to Australia now!

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As well as being contacted by readers with questions about sending flowers, I’ve been contacted a few times over the years by a couple of different family members in the UK asking me if I could organise a flower delivery in Australia for a funeral or birthday for someone living in Australia as they didn’t know where to go to send flowers to Australia as they didn’t know to start when looking for online florists or flower shops. 

Even though I live in Australia, it took me a bit of research the first time I sent flowers online here (I order flowers in the UK all the time for Mother’s Day and family birthdays and special occasions, but I don’t often need to have flowers delivered in Australia as I don’t know many people outside my local area in Queensland so would usually call into a friendly local Australian florist and pick up a beautiful bouquet if I needed to send a bunch of flowers and I’d hand them over in person rather than looking for same-day delivery from an online flower delivery store.)

My family members in the UK assume it’s difficult to order flowers online in Australia using a UK debit card and billing address, but that usually doesn’t make a difference (I order things in the UK all the time using my Australian debit card and using my Australian address as my billing address). It’s straightforward to get flowers delivered in Australia – you don’t need to be based in Australia to place an order. Generally almost all companies (across all industries) allow the delivery address and billing address to be based in different countries and if you’re paying by a card such as Visa or Mastercard (or a payment system like Paypal) you shouldn’t have any trouble using an international payment method to order flowers online. 

The aim of this post is to share some trusted brands to send flowers to someone in Australia. Sending a lovely, vibrant bunch of the freshest flowers ordered online is a perfect way to make someone’s day.

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Who to trust to send flowers in Australia? 

A florist making up a bunch of flowers to deliver in Australia

These are some great sites you can use to send flowers to someone in Australia to celebrate a special day (or just because!). And yes, you can spend your time Googling ‘flowers delivered Brisbane’, ‘flowers delivered Perth’…but I know from my experience when I’ve been shopping for sympathy flowers delivered in Cairns and in Melbourne on behalf of relatives, it can be quite a time-consuming experience finding somewhere (not all local florists have an easy online system or postcode checker) so now I just go to one of these national flower networks to order as I know they’re likely to be able to cover the postcode area that I need, and I know I can search, filter, choose and order my flowers online quickly and easily. I want the online shopping process to be easy and stress-free as ordering flowers is usually one thing on my long to-do list so I want to get them ordered for a delivery date and move on to the next task. 

Send flowers to Australia with Floraly – farm fresh flowers with ethical values

A gift hamper of flowers in Australia


When it comes to choosing which brands I want to buy things from, their values and ethics always influence my choice. Floraly stand for some important issues. Firstly, their flowers are farm fresh as they want the gift to last as long as possible (don’t you hate flowers that die off too quickly?!) They aim to create less waste and they offset their carbon emissions for the whole business too. And the most important thing is that for every flower bouquet you send in Australia, a meal is bought for someone in need through OzHarvest. Your gift of flowers to Australia, does good far beyond making someone’s day – it helps someone you’ll never meet to have a better day too. It’s the best way to give a gift AND give back. Win, win. 

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Whether you’re looking to send native Australian flowers, posies, jars or even gift a flower subscription in Australia, Floraly offers a beautiful range of gifts (you can even send hampers online too). Deliveries are available for various regions including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane (you can check locations by entering the delivery postcode or browse the location list on the top right of the screen). You can search for flowers by occasion (you can’t filter the results by price, but there are beautiful photos to choose from as you scroll.) 

I love what this company stands for and think their online flowers look stunning! 

>> Shop to send flowers to Australia with Floraly

You can even send mini Christmas trees to someone you love with Floraly

Send mini Christmas tress to Australia with Floraly

Send flowers to Australia with Petals Florist Network

Petals Australia connects local florists with a global online store. They work with over 1000 florist members in Australia who will service your Australia flower delivery order, and they pride themselves on their partnerships in the industry. They offer 100% satisfaction and you can read lots of real reviews here.

You can choose from a wide range of occasions for sending flowers online, and you can use their search facility to narrow down your choices of flowers to send by occasion, price and flower type. It’s an ideal option for international delivery to Australia as they cover such a large part of the country and have such a wide range of flowers on offer. 

>> Shop to send flowers to Australia with

Send flowers to Australia with Interflora Australia

Interflora is the largest flower delivery network in the world, so you’re bound to have heard of them. Interflora Australia partners with almost 1300 florists, meaning there are florists in almost every regional and metro area within Australia. The company has been selling flowers for almost 100 years. Products are backed with their guarantee for the freshness and quality of every order. 

>> Shop to send flowers to Australia with Interflora Australia 

Tips to send flowers in Australia

As well as sharing some national companies that can do flower deliveries in Australia, I also want to share some info to help you when organising your flower delivery in Australia.

Firstly, we don’t have letterboxes in Australia so there is no point in searching for letterbox flowers! Australia homes have mailboxes at the end of the drives – it’s not like the UK where you have a letterbox in your front door that allows a small box of flowers to be posted through (this is just one of the many differences between the UK and Australia)!

That’s not to say you can’t order flowers in a box (Floraly DOES offer Letterbox flowers in Australia), but just know they can’t actually be posted into someone’s home along with their mail like a UK flower order could as we don’t have letterboxes in Aus! Our mailbox letterbox is way too small, so they’d just be left at someone’s front door instead. 

This means you need to ensure the person you’re sending flowers to is either at home or at least make sure they haven’t gone away for a few days. I know I often send letterbox flowers in the UK to busy family members so they’ll have them waiting when they get home from work on the doormat, but just remember your flowers delivered in Australia will need to be a bunch of flowers or a box of flowers left at the door if someone isn’t home. No doubt the delivery driver will look to leave the flowers with a neighbour or leave a card if the recipient isn’t home, but you definitely don’t want to order flowers online when the person might have gone away for a couple of weeks. 

The other thing to be aware of when sending flowers in Australia from overseas is that it’s not possible to send flowers to Australia cheaply. My experience of sending flowers in the UK usually involves sending a £20 – £25 bunch of flowers and you can get some lovely flowers online in that price range. Here, £25 converts to about $46 AUD but you won’t likely be able to send flowers online for that sort of price. The bunches of flowers online tend to start from $60 upwards and you usually need to add shipping costs to your order (this could be $10 – 20).

Smaller local florists may charge a little less than a national site, but when you’re ordering from another country it can be difficult to choose a local Australian florist that delivers to your chosen postcode or that has an easy-to-use online checkout facility (if you’re shopping online in a different time zone that makes phoning during opening hours really difficult) so a big national site is way more convenient. 

The cost of living in Australia is generally very different to the UK – costs of things tend to be higher but wages are too which balances it out for us who are living here) but I thought it was worth mentioning that Australia isn’t a country to get cheap flowers delivered! Don’t be put off from sending flowers to Australia though just because it’s a little more expensive – sending a bunch of flowers is still an amazing, thoughtful gift. 

On the positive side, when you send flowers online in Australia you can choose some incredibly stunning bunches of native Australian flowers that are so different to anything I’ve seen before in the UK. I think it’s a lovely touch to send Australian native flowers as a gift, especially for an expat like me who hasn’t grown up with these gorgeous blooms. 

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>> Shop to send flowers to Australia with Floraly

>> Shop for native flowers on

>> Shop for seasonal flowers on Interflora Australia and select ‘native and wildflowers’ from the menu at the side

Why might you want to order an Australia flower delivery?

  • There are lots of reasons why flowers make such incredible gifts. For me personally, I would never buy myself flowers but I LOVE receiving them and they always make me so happy. 

    • When you send flowers online, it shows you care even though you may live a long way away. As someone living on the opposite side of the world from my family, I think it’s a really thoughtful gesture to give or receive a flower delivery.
    • A lovely bunch of flowers delivered can be a big surprise, especially if it’s out of the blue and not tied to your birthday or a particular occasion. It actually has the power to totally turn someone’s day around – you can be immersed in day-to-day life but a big surprise like this stops you in your tracks and makes you so grateful, and gratitude is a wonderful emotion. It can also begin a chain reaction of good deeds – when something good happens to you it makes you want to pass it on so sending flowers can have a ripple effect!
    • Flowers are known to improve wellbeing – maybe it’s the smell or the pretty colours but it does wonders for your mindset to see a pretty bunch of flowers in your home. 
    • Giving the gift of flowers is a long-held tradition dating back thousands of years and I’m sure it will go on for many more to come, so why not send flowers to someone you love today to show them you’re thinking about them!  

Some ideas for when you might want to send flowers to Australia: 

Flowers make great gifts for all occasions, but here are a few where you might want to choose to send flowers as a gift:

  • A birthday or special occasion
  • A funeral (let’s hope you don’t have to)
  • To cheer someone up
  • To celebrate something
  • Just because you love them!
  • To congratulate someone on a new home, a new job or a big achievement
  • For an anniversary
  • Get well soon gift
  • A new baby

If you know my site, you’ll know that I’m a bit obsessed with building in celebrations for every phase of the migration process so that you can enjoy the journey of relocating across the world, so another great reason to send flowers to Australia is to congratulation somebody for getting the PR visa or becoming an Australian citizen. Help to make this life-changing experience special for someone you love and show them that you support them by sending them a bunch of flowers as a gift!

Or you can send flowers in Australia just because! Who needs a reason!

I hope this post about how to send flowers to Australia has inspired you to order a bunch online for someone you care about!