If you’re anything like me, you love to travel with your family and explore the world. There are SO MANY places to see in Australia and I’m loving visiting them with our three kids and I love travelling to other countries too (I’m especially fond of tropical islands!). Moving to Australia has opened up even more travel opportunities to us.

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Travelling with three young kids in tow takes a lot more planning than when my hubby and I used to travel alone with a pair of matching backpacks. It also means we need a much bigger travel budget and we need to take a lot more gear! For us, travel is such an important part of our kids’ education – just as much as reading, writing, maths and science! It’s definitely something we aspire to do a lot more of.

Do you feel the same?

Affordable Travel is Totally Possible

If you want to travel more and stop putting your travel dreams on the backburner, the Smart Travel Super Bundle is just what you’ve been looking for.

These courses, books and printables help you figure out where to travel, how to save money while travelling, what to pack when travelling with kids, how to get cheap flights, how to travel safely, how to travel long term (hands up: who fancies doing the big lap of Australia?), how to hack the system and learn the secrets about how to snag those travel bargains…and so much more

We shouldn’t have to put travel off until later. Life is so short. We just need to be smarter about how we travel and this is where the Smart Travel Super Bundle comes in.

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The Smart Travel Super Bundle is basically a heap of travel courses, ebooks and planning tools that are usually for sale by individual sellers, often for much more than their collective price in this bundle. The products included in the bundle are valued at $1286.58USD but you can buy them this week for just $47USD.

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Sounds like there must be a catch, right? How can they sell almost $1300 worth of products for just $47USD? There honestly isn’t a catch – I’ve bought lots of these bundles myself over the last few years (they do them in all kinds of niches – parenting, productivity, blogging, meal planning, photography, work from home, essential oils…and more) so I’ve been a buyer many times. This is their first travel bundle which is really exciting though! And these products ARE for sale individually for their full prices on the sellers own sites. It is totally legit.

If you still aren’t convinced that there must be a catch, I’ve actually participated in a bundle sale myself as a seller –  I’ve had my parenting book Don’t Panic! A Practical Guide to Twins, Triplets and More included in one of the parenting bundles. The benefits to the creatives whose work is included in these bundles is that:

a) you reach a massive audience who would never have heard about you otherwise.
b) you earn a percentage of the sales made overall plus you earn a higher commission on the bundles you sell personally which means you end up earning far more from it than you would by continuing to sell your course directly to your own small audience even if you usually sell it at a higher rate per unit.
c) the bundles are time sensitive, so it’s just a short term boost to your sales and it doesn’t stop you selling your course/book/checklist all year round after it.

So as you can see, the bundle sale benefits both you as the consumer (as you get an awesome amount of products for a bargain price) and it benefits the creative whose course/ebook/planning tools are included – it’s a win, win for everybody!

I’ve been a big fan of Ultimate Bundles for a long time – as I said, I’ve bought many of their packages over the years as they offer incredible value with tonnes of useful products sold in a bundle for a single small fee. Often they include products that I want to buy individually already, only now they are for sale with a huge heap of other products for an even lower fee. There are no downsides – it is a very rare case of things really being as good as they appear!

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What do you get in the Smart Travel Super Bundle package?

The Smart Travel Super Bundle package includes so many amazing travel resources that can help you plan your upcoming travel adventures. Just check out the image below to see some of the inclusions in the package…

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>> Get your Smart Travel Super Bundle here

Do you want to travel with a baby? Baby can travel anywhere: A travel guide made for parents is your step-by-step instruction guide to planning your first fun trip together.

Do you want to know how to manage a long flight with young kids? The Family Travel: Packing Checklists and Flying Survival Tips provides a detailed packing checklist for travelling with kids from birth and tips for flying with kids including what to put in carry-on bags, getting through security, travelling with car seats and more.

Want to entertain your kids on a long journey? The Kid’s Travel Journal & Activity Book is a printable journal that helps entertain your kids on long road trips or flights while building up a record of memories.

Feel anxious when travelling? The Overcome Travel Anxiety eBook will help you eliminate anxiety from your life, give you the confidence to start planning an adventure, and support you as you take steps outside your comfort zone in order to explore the world.

Want to travel on a tight budget? The How To Make and Save Money While Traveling with WalletWin Academy ecourse will  teach you how to save and make money while you travel.

Thinking about booking your next trip with your family? The Our Next Adventure Planner printable helps families with young kids to make the most out of their trip regardless of the destination.

And that is just the beginning. There are camping handbooks, campervanning guides, tips to help you plan your a long term travel, herbal first aid kit suggestions…SO MUCH GOLD is included in this bundle of ebooks, courses and planning tools!

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Travel Like a Pro

How long is the Smart Travel Super Bundle available for?

The bundle is on sale from Monday 15th July until Friday 19th July at 11.59, Eastern Standard Time (US). Check out the handy countdown timer below to see how long you have left before the deal expires. Don’t sit on the fence for this – if you want it, buy it now (the times that I think I’ll come back later to buy it I always forget and miss out!)

If you love travel as much as I do, then this kit will get you booking your next trip before you know it!

Just make me a promise…

If you buy the Smart Travel Super Bundle, make sure you do something with it. You get a huge amount of content in this bundle and it is really easy to leave it on your hard drive and not spend the time going through it. Use the helpful guide you receive with it to work out the priority courses and books you want to begin with and just get started working through it. It’s all too easy to buy things like this and then not use them. Buying it won’t help you travel smarter – reading it and going through the courses will!!

Click below to get started and get your hands on the Smart Travel Super Bundle now!

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Get your bundle now!

Get your bundle now!

Get your bundle now!

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