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Hi, I’m Karen Bleakley, the Founder and Editor of Smart Steps to Australia. I’m also a travel writer and author.
Karen Bleakley of Smart Steps to Australia is the place that helps families with big dreams of moving to Australia to create a life they love. This magazine-style blog, digital products and supportive Facebook community take the stress out of relocating across the world and provide travel and lifestyle inspiration to help families thrive.

We use our storytelling and digital marketing skills to build meaningful awareness of your brand to our audience of families who are moving to Australia for a better quality of life.

What is a sponsored post?

A sponsored post is a paid article on our site – much like an editorial in a magazine (only way more dynamic!).


Key website stats for

Monthly page views: 20,000+ (stats December 2019, Google Analytics)
Move to Australia Facebook group members: 3200
Instagram followers: 1230
Facebook page fans: 830 followers

Are our readers your ideal client?

– Our audience is made up of families who are moving to Australia on skilled visas + those who have moved to Australia and are navigating their way to their dream life.
– 64% are female and they mostly fall into the 25 – 45 age bracket. Most have young children.
– They care about the environment and making sustainable, healthy choices and they want to be inspired to create an incredible life in Australia.
– They’re moving to Australia for better weather, more space, better work opportunities and to live a more outdoor lifestyle.
Our readers love learning about big-hearted brands and services that can help them thrive in Australia.

What keeps our readers up at night?

Our readers are new to Australia, so sponsored blog posts offer an opportunity to engage with them before they’ve made brand decisions. Our active Facebook group means we can find out exactly what keeps them up at night and tailor our content to help you reach your goals.

Our readers know very little about things specific to the Australian lifestyle. Things like:

  • how to take care of a swimming pool
  • what to think about when installing solar
  • how to protect your skin from the sun
  • how to prepare for extreme weather
  • what first aid you need for spider or snake bites
  • how to buy your first home in Australia
    and all of the things!

They’re also interested in everyday things like what organic skincare ranges are available, what healthy food choices they could make for their family or what clubs they could join to get fit.

They’re looking to be educated in so many areas as Australia is new to them!


Why drop the rates by such a high amount?

I’m dropping sponsored post rates by 60% for HerBusiness members through March because right now we all need to do what we can to share some positivity with the world and I want to continue showing my readers that life continues despite the chaos surrounding us at the moment.

Telling stories is important to me because I’m a writer, and profiling exciting brands is a great way to take our minds off things that are out of our control and gets us thinking about the things we CAN control.

I know budgets are stretched because of the virus and we’re all under pressure. This is a chance to get content on my site at a heavily discounted rate but you’ll benefit forever as your post will stay live and continue to drive traffic long after the pandemic is over.

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