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Whether you’re planning a short break in Australia, long term travel, regular holidays,  a recce trip to explore or even day trips, this resource section lists my favourite, reliable travel resources and some offer discounts too. 

I sometimes receive a referral fee if you choose to follow my recommendation (at no extra cost to you).


World Nomad

World Nomad

Travel Insurance for your holiday to Australia

Travel insurance is so important. You need it if you’re travelling to Australia for a holiday and then going back to your home again and it’s a good idea to take it out even if you live in Australia and are taking a holiday here.

It covers all kinds of things – imagine if you got injured while visiting an island and you needed medical assistance to get back to the mainland? Imagine if somebody stole your luggage? What if you caught the flu and were too sick to travel, or just before your trip a family member passed away meaning you had to cancel? There are so many reasons why it’s important to consider – even if you already live in Australia and have access to Medicare or private medical insurance.

World Nomads is a trusted site for travel insurance, whether you are planning a round the world trip, a backpacking tour of Australia, a campervan holiday, a recce trip because you are thinking of moving to Australia or even a short holiday.

I went to Fiji last year and I shopped around for insurance with many sites and still found World Nomads the best deal out there for my needs so I feel confident recommending them.

They have policies to suit all types of travel – whether that is diving the Ningaloo Reef of skiing the Snowy Mountains!

Please note: Their standard travel insurance is NOT for one-way travel – it is regular travel insurance and not one-way insurance which is what you need if you are emigrating. For one-way travel insurance for your emigration, see Go Walkabout who I list on my Migration Resources page.

Contact World Nomands for a quote.





If you’re travelling to Australia from overseas, you will need to organise currency ahead of your trip. Even if you’re bringing a debit or credit card too, you’ll need some cash as well.

I like that you can order it online as it’s one less thing to worry about.

Travelex UK offers great deals for currency and travel cards – choose to get it delivered to your home or it can be available for collection at a number of different locations including airports. Next day delivery is free on orders over £600.

Their Travelex Money Card is a platinum contactless prepaid travel card that can hold up to 10 currencies simultaneously – making it the ideal companion for your stopovers too. Plus it means you get to avoid all of the costly load fees that get added if you use your debit or credit card abroad too.

Visit the Travelex website here to order your currency

Holiday accommodation in Australia

Accommodation Website is my favourite accommodation booking site!

You can find everything from hotels and apartments to holiday homes and cabins on the site. Make sure you sign up and are logged in when searching as this unlocks special rates. I particularly love the map view so you can look at a glance and see how much hotels cost in the area you want to be.

I use this site to book my own trips many times every year.

Not only does it cover all of Australia, but you can also use it to book layover accommodation or any airport hotels if you need one of these the night before you travel as it covers accommodation worldwide. Some deals allow you to book now and pay later, and some allow you the option of free cancellations so be sure to make sure you check out the terms and book the best deal for your needs.

Check out accommodation prices now on

Transport in Australia



Drive Away is a great site to book hire cars. I’ve had some unreliable experiences in the past from other car hire comparison sites but I always find this one comes up with accurate information and good prices.

You can arrange to collect your vehicle from the airport when you land, or there are lots of pick up locations to choose from.

Don’t forget to hire car seats if you are travelling with babies or children. I still always recommending hiring car seats from Hire for Baby (see the separate listing for this) as I think when it comes to baby gear, it is important to use a specialist company. They can install into your hire car for you before you land.

Check out car hire prices on DriveAway now!

Motorhome Republic

The BEST way to explore Australia, in my opinion, is by motorhome! We spent three months driving around Australia before we moved here and it was one of the best experiences of my life. Visit the Motorhome Republic website here or fill out the form below to begin your search for motorhomes.

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Experiences in Australia

Experience Oz

Experience Oz

Travel Experiences in Australia

Whether you’re moving to Australia and looking to explore your new home  or you’re planning a recce trip to decide whether moving to Australia is right for your family, Experience Oz offers all kinds of trips, tours and attraction tickets all over Australia.

Keep your travel plans simple and in one place. From theme parks to zoos and wildlife parks, day tours to short sightseeing trips, Experience Oz offers it all on one handy website which is especially handy if you’re planning a roadtrip.

Fancy checking out the powder white sands of Whitehaven Beach or the burnt red landscape of Uluru? Maybe you want to tour Sydney’s iconic harbour or taste fine wines in Margaret River? From scenic flights to boat tours, gourmet food experiences to animal encounters, Experience Oz has so many inspiring things to do in Australia. Don’t take a trip without checking it out.

Australia is waiting to be explored! I know I can’t look at this website without being inspired by something new.

Check out Experience Oz now and plan your dream trip.

Deals on Travel, Attractions and Eating Out


Deals on Travel, Attractions and Eating Out

If you’re used to using Groupon in the UK, then you’re going to love discovering the discounts that are available in Australia for all kinds of trips, attractions, shops and restaurants!

Groupon is packed with everything from attraction deals, hotel discounts, holidays, restaurants and spa treatments through to practical things like pest control, air conditioning cleaning services and lawn mowing. You just sign up and you can view offers that are local to where you live or where you are travelling.

It’s a fabulous way enjoy yourself without feeling guilty about splurging your cash!

Start shopping at Groupon Australia.