The main reason I set up Smart Steps to Australia was to provide emotional support to people who were trying to move their family to the other side of the world (and to inspire people who were on the fence about whether to make the move so they didn’t live a life full of regrets).

Moving to Australia from the UK is a really tough thing to do even when you’re single, but when you add little ones into the mix it becomes even more challenging. We had support from friends who had done it already, but without them I know we’d have really struggled. Of course, it’s important to know facts and information about moving to Australia (and I try to provide as much of this as I can in posts like this one about schools in Australia), but I think the emotional support from someone who ‘gets it’ is the most important part as you need to have somebody to lean on when you have difficult days. Or when you’re having a wobble. Or when somebody in your family says a comment about your move being selfish and you start to wonder whether that’s true (it’s not by the way)…

I hope that my Facebook group provides that safe space for you to hang out with other families who understand what you’re going through.

A group hanging out on a beach in Australia

(When I was looking for images that summed up the feeling of ‘community’ for this post, the one above jumped out at me – I feel like we’ve created this special place where we can all hang out and chat in front of our own virtual beach fire 🙂 )

If you enjoy reading this website and are getting lots of support in the Facebook community, there are two really easy ways that you can help support the site going forward:

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Those small commission fees add up and help me fund the running of my website and my email list. I share links in various places through the site including in blog posts like this one about buying books about Australia, or this gift guide full of leaving presents or on my Trusted Experts page.

On my Trusted Experts page, you can inquire about visas or mortgages from services I can personally vouch for, you can sign up to transfer your currency abroad or you can buy one-way travel insurance for you or migration insurance for your pets (and yes, these are all affiliate links too). I’m going to be adding to my Trusted Experts page all the time. So if you need any services for your migration journey, please check out my Trusted Experts page and see if I recommend any that you need. If I do and you were going to buy from them anyway, then buying through my links could help me fund this month’s domain name renewal costs or next month’s website hosting. Of course, do your own research to make sure you’re getting the best deal or the best service, but if my link provides that for you then please come back and buy it through my link!

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So that’s it – two really easy ways to help support Smart Steps to Australia! I LOVE writing this website as I honestly think I have the best, most supportive readers and I’m loving the community we’ve created together. I’m so proud to see how the site and the group have come together over the last year – I get so excited every time I see somebody post that they have a moving date, they’ve sold their house or they share their arrival photos and see everyone rally around with their words of congratulations. The success of this is down to you just as much as it is down to me and I can’t wait for us to be able to help more families to achieve their dreams of moving to Australia!

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