When I first launched my Facebook group a few weeks ago, I started to get messages from people asking if I had a migration to-do list. So I went away and created one.

My Ultimate Emigration Checklist has just launched.

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How to emigrate to Australia

I remember feeling overwhelmed when we decided to move to Australia. There was so much to do and I wasn’t sure what to do first. I was scared of missing things that I didn’t know about, or forgetting to do important things because I was just so busy. I created my own to-do lists by reading everything I could about migrating to Australia, but researching this took hours and hours, and I still wasn’t sure I had everything covered. Plus lists I found said things like: ‘sell your house’. But they didn’t put this in any context, so it wasn’t much help. Should you sell your house before you’re granted your visa, or wait until after? (NB: There is no right answer here – it just depends on the speed at which you want to move and the level of risk you’re willing to take but to tell someone to sell their house without explaining that isn’t much help to anyone).

So I created this Ultimate Emigration Checklist, just for you. I went beyond creating a simple bullet list of tasks – this is a meaty, useful, detailed document that walks you through your priorities from 18 months before you leave the UK, through to the first few weeks and months in Australia. I’ve included lots of links to make it really practical. After all, what’s the point of telling you to find a rental property without pointing you in the direction of the best sites to look for your dream home? I’ve also included a page for notes at the back so you can keep track of account closures and things you need to follow up.

I’m so excited to share this with you today. I wish this list had been available when we were moving to Australia. I know it would have saved me hours of research and lots of stress.

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Please note: The giveaway is now closed.
If you buy a copy and send me a short testimonial to let me know what you think of it anytime during November or December 2016, I’ll put your name into a prize draw to win a copy of Lonely Planet Australia. All you need to do is buy my Ultimate Emigration Checklist, and send me an email to karen@smartstepstoaustralia.com to let me know what you think. It’s that simple.

Boring bit: The draw will be done on 1st January 2017 and the winner will be notified by email. The winner will have one week to respond to confirm their postal address so I can have the book sent from Amazon, otherwise another name will be drawn. Entrants must be based in the UK. In sending me your feedback you grant me permission to publish your testimonial on my website and social media in an edited form.

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