Have you really connected with your ‘why’ for wanting to move to Australia? What are your reasons for wanting to make this life-changing move across the world?

Have you asked yourself: ‘why should I move to Australia?’ and clearly figured out your answers?

Connecting with your ‘why’ for moving to Australia makes everything so much easier. 

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Why should I move to Australia?

A lot of people tell me ‘I want to move to Australia’, but really drilling down and uncovering your own personal ‘why’ is essential if you want to make the move. Just wanting to make the move isn’t enough – you need to understand and know your reasons and motivation for moving to Australia.

When you know your purpose and you understand what is inspiring you, it makes decisions clearer, it makes the wait less painful and it gives you focus. Knowing your ‘why’ for wanting to move to Australia helps you maintain momentum. It propels you forward when times get difficult. It gives you something specific to work towards. 

Everybody’s ‘why’ will look different. Some people’s lists of why move to Australia will be long, and other people’s lists short. 

Uncover your ‘why’

Click here to access my FREE Resource Library which includes a PDF to help you uncover your ‘why’. 

Why move to Australia? 

Our list of why to immigrate to Australia was a long one: 


We wanted to lead an outdoor lifestyle, avoid really cold weather and have plenty of sunshine all year round. We wanted to be able to wear shorts and flip flops all the time! We wanted to cook BBQs whenever we liked!


We wanted to have amazing beaches on our doorstep that were accessible and not too busy. We wanted to be able to get a parking spot (that didn’t cost a small fortune), and we wanted there to be space on the sand so we could relax and enjoy the incredible view! 


We wanted to live in an environment that was filled with wildlife so our kids could have amazing animal encounters like see migrating whiles or see koalas in the trees or see wild kangaroos in the fields.


We wanted a bigger family home with more room for us all to have our own space, and where we weren’t in a densely populated area being overlooked by lots of other houses. We wanted more than the tiny semi-detached house that we were living in – we wanted more rooms and a garage and a pool! It wasn’t about living in luxury – it was about living with space and light and room to breathe. 


We wanted new opportunities and new challenges – we didn’t want to stay in comfortable jobs for life, we wanted to grow and gain new experiences and meet new people. 


We wanted to open ourselves up to lots of new holiday destinations as we love to travel. 


We wanted our kids to grow up with a more laid-back lifestyle. We wanted them to get over their fear of water (which they had as toddlers) and fall in love with the ocean. We wanted them to spend their childhood outside. We wanted them to be able to go barefoot. We wanted them to enjoy simple experiences like playgrounds and parks and festivals and beaches and museums – experiences that cost nothing but create a lifetime of memories.

There were more reasons (schools, healthcare, sports…) but the above really capture the things that made us go from thinking ‘should I move to Australia?’ to realising ‘I want to move to Australia’‘!

Why to immigrate to Australia

When your ‘why’ is crystal clear, it becomes your guiding light. It carries you through the difficult times and the long waits. It makes it easier to face challenges. It helps you stay focused, even when times are difficult. Your journey might not be straightforward – you might not go from A to B in a straight line, but knowing your ‘why’ will help you navigate the curves on your journey and help you stay connected to your goals. 

>> Click here to access my FREE Resource Library which includes a PDF to help you uncover your ‘why’. Download the PDF, complete it and print it out so you always have a record of your reasons for doing this! 


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