Write for us | Come and tell your real life relocation story

Hi, Karen here!

I want to make sure that Smart Steps to Australia remains relevant and up-to-date so the site can help and inspire as many people as possible. To do that, I need your help!

I’m looking for people who have moved to Australia (long-term or permanently) who would love to share their story and inspire others.

Could you share your experience with our readers via a questionnaire?  


A mum and three kids by the beach

I’m looking for people just like you to answer some written questions about your experience of relocating to Australia and getting settled. You don’t need to be a professional writer, you just need to have moved to Australia from another country within the last few years and have lived in your new city for a while so you can share your experience, tips and knowledge with others. This is for people who have moved to Australia either permanently, or on a long-term basis (at this stage, we’re not looking for people who are on working holiday visas but check back as we might add those in the future). You might be a single person, a couple or a family – all stories are welcome. 

You’ll be sent a questionnaire to complete and this will prompt you to share all aspects of your experience. Simple!

What do you get for completing this questionnaire?

If your questionnaire is one that is selected to be featured on our website, we will gift you a $50 digital Mastercard gift card as a thank you for sharing your story with us. This site may be a tiny publisher in the scheme of things but I feel it’s important to provide a reward for the time you’ve put into writing your answers. You won’t need an ABN and you won’t need to send us an invoice to receive the giftcard. 

Not all submissions received will be featured on our website. Payment will only be made to those we publish.

Some benefits of having your story featured on Smart Steps to Australia:

  • If you run a business or blog, you’re more than welcome to include a link* back to your website in the bio.
  • If you’re interested in being a writer, it gives you a piece of writing to put in your portfolio.
  • You get to share your amazing expertise and help other people who are further behind you on their journey.
  • We may have more paid writing opportunities for candidates that write helpful and engaging content.

What to do if you’re interested in writing for us and having your relocation story featured

If you’re interested in completing a questionnaire and sharing your story with the world, please send an email in the first instance to info@smartstepstoaustralia.com. Title the email: ‘Write for Smart Steps to Australia‘ and in the email tell us a little bit about yourself (where you moved from and to, who moved with you, how long you’ve lived in Australia – just some basic details) and we’ll send you the questionnaire to complete. 

I’ll be mixing up the locations that are featured on the website (i.e. I won’t publish ten Brisbane articles in a row) so when we begin publishing this new strand of content, check the blog to see what regions we’ve recently covered. 

While you definitely don’t need to be a professional writer to be featured, the questionnaires I receive back that are filled with helpful information and that have been spell-checked will be more likely to be selected for publication.

It would be really helpful if you’d be able to send some photos to accompany your article as this will help tell your story.  

Terms and conditions:

Just completing and submitting the questionnaire doesn’t guarantee your content will be published. The Mastercard giftcard will be sent to successful submission writers upon publication. Will will only be in touch with successful submissions. 

  • You can include one link back to your own business website or blog (if you have one) in your bio and this will be a do-follow link (i.e. good for the SEO of your website). 
  • You can choose whether to include your full name in the article or just your first name. 
  • Only share content in the questionnaire that you are happy to have published online.

Please note that we retain editorial control over any content you submit and we may post sections of it in multiple blog posts and on social media. By submitting the questionnaire to us you confirm that you will not submit it to any other website and that all content submitted (text, images, videos etc) belongs to you (don’t send us stock images as we can add those in ourselves if we need to but your own images would be appreciated). We hold the right to make minor edits and adjustments to the content and we may share your pictures on social media to promote the post.  

Ready to get started? Email info@smartstepstoaustralia.com now!