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Stay cool at the beach!



Get your hands on the iconic CoolCanabas beach shade!

I’ve bought lots of other beach shades and beach tents during our years in Australia, but I can honestly say this is the BEST! It is easy to put up and take down, it casts plenty of shade and stands up strong in the wind.

Don’t waste money buying others that either break (like my expensive beach tent did after two uses!) or blow down in the wind (like my shade and umbrellas did!) I wish I’d got one of these straight away as it would have saved me a lot of money and wasted effort.

My CoolCabana was gifted to me as I’m an affiliate partner, but I’m now a firm fan and a lifelong convert to the CoolCabanas gang. There is no going back to any other shade once you’ve tried this one.

Start shopping for your perfect beach shade at CoolCabanas

Get a VPN

Surf Shark

Surf Shark

When you move to Australia, it’s really handy to set up a VPN. It’s a way to protect your online identity, stay private at all times and access geo-restricted content (which is soooo useful!).

There are lots of options out there, but Surfshark is amazing value and it comes with an ad blocker and two-factor authentication for your protection plus it’s for unlimited devices.

Get a VPN at Surfshark.

Deals on Attractions and Eating Out


Deals on Travel, Attractions and Eating Out

If you’re used to using Groupon in the UK, then you’re going to love discovering the discounts that are available in Australia for all kinds of trips, attractions, shops and restaurants!

Groupon is packed with everything from attraction deals, hotel discounts, holidays, restaurants and spa treatments through to practical things like pest control, air conditioning cleaning services and lawn mowing. You just sign up and you can view offers that are local to where you live or where you are travelling.

It’s a fabulous way enjoy yourself without feeling guilty about splurging your cash!

Start shopping at Groupon Australia.