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Welcome to the New Life in Australia podcast 

The New Life in Australia podcast is packed with inspiration, tips and advice to help you plan your New Life in Australia!

Join Karen and her special guests as they share professional secrets and tips, learn from people who’ve already made the move to discover all of the things they wished they’d know, and find businesses that can help you realise your dreams. 

Covering practical tips as well as mindset shifts, this podcast is about inspiring you to take the leap and go all-in creating an amazing New Life in Australia! 

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Christmas in Australia

Episode #14 Embracing Christmas in Australia

It is just the most perfect time to start some new Christmas traditions for yourself. Your traditions from your home country probably came from family traditions. You do things in the way that everyone else in the family has always done them, and you’re following that process. But when you get here, you’re free to […]

Episode #13 Tips for planning your Australian holiday

When you get out there and explore, it really just reminds you why you moved. So, especially if you’ve been feeling a bit homesick, there’s nothing more exhilarating and exciting than pulling into a really beautiful new beach and remembering that you actually get to live here! Whenever I think to myself, I’m so lucky […]
Chris from Blue Therapy SUP on a board at sunrise

Episode #12 Moving on a parent visa and setting up a stand up paddle boarding business

We live in central Queensland, it’s the Sunshine State. You know, it’s very rare that we don’t see the sun. It’s warm. Even in wintertime for us, it was warm. And you know, paddle boarding – it’s low impact. It’s a good all round sport for any age group, any level of fitness. And it’s […]
Somebody packing up a Chrismtas gift for Australia

Episode #11 Christmas gifting when you move to Australia

It’s really difficult for your family to know what things are going to work for your new life in Australia and what is practical to give you as a Christmas gift for your final Christmas before you move. Help them out by giving them some ideas!   This page contains affiliate links Welcome to episode 11 […]
Someone doing sums to work out if Australia is more expensive or not

Episode #10 Australia is expensive: True or false

I see a lot of people in forums giving their list of outgoings, but one person’s outgoings is so different to another person’s outgoings. So I just wanted give you a different perspective on things…The truth of the matter is that you don’t know the context of the figures that people are sharing online. Welcome […]
A tree that has fallen down in extreme weather in Australia

Episode #9 Six tips for living with Australia’s extreme conditions

When we first arrived in Australia, we were driving to the shops and we got stuck in a massive hailstorm. It was the biggest one that I’ve ever experienced.. We weren’t on any of the the alert lists, and we weren’t prepared for it.  It was an absolutely insane hailstorm. I’ve never seen hailstones as […]
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