Affiliate and Referral Disclaimer

Affiliate and referral disclaimer

Hi, Karen here. I want to be totally up front and transparent about the ways I make money on my site.

I include links and banners to products and services that I think will be useful for you, and in return I receive an affiliate or referral commission for any purchases you make by clicking those links or through buying from the businesses I’m referring. I’m all about helping you to reach your dream of moving to Australia and, therefore, the links and services I include have been carefully hand-picked because I believe they will help you on your journey.

I don’t want to break up content by constantly highlighting affiliate and referral links everywhere through the site – please just assume that any of the links or referrals I include will earn me a commission if you buy through them. I do still include links to things where I don’t earn commission though – I’m all about promoting the most suitable goods or services for your needs.

Anything you go on to buy through one of my links makes me very happy as it helps to fund this site. Whilst I’m running Smart Steps to Australia and the Move to Australia Toolkit because it’s my passion to help people live the life of their dreams, it’s also a business that needs to help support my family in our new life Down Under.

Trust that I will never refer something to you that I don’t believe in myself, and whenever I give an opinion on a product or service it will be 100% my own personal opinion.

With affiliate links and referrals, I have not been given any free products or services in exchange for advertising them on my site. If I’ve been gifted a product for review, or had my time paid to review a product, this will clearly be disclosed within the review.

I may sometimes write reviews for items that I’ve bought myself and love.

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