So you’re moving to Australia from the UK. Is there really any need for travel insurance when the two countries have a reciprocal agreement on health? And if you do need emigration travel insurance, should you just take out one way insurance to cover the journey over there, or should you get it to cover you for longer? How does it work when you won’t be returning to your country of origin at the end of your trip so you’re only looking for travel insurance one way? I had all of these questions and more when we moved to Australia too.

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Now I need to begin by saying outright, I am not a financial advisor. I am not allowed to give you any insurance or financial advice and this blog post isn’t going to give you any policy information or tell you what to do, but I will give you a few things to think about when you’re considering one-way travel insurance or emigration travel insurance for your move to Australia.

Do you need emigration insurance when moving to Australia?

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If you’ve been wondering whether you need emigration travel insurance – also known as one way travel insurance – be aware that a regular travel insurance policy is unlikely to cover you when you’re only travelling in one direction. This is where one-way travel insurance comes in because these policies have been created for people who are only travelling in one direction to emigrate.

Here are some things to think about if you are looking for travel insurance for one way travel from the UK to Australia:

What happens if you fall ill or are injured during your journey to Australia or during your stopover?

What happens if your flight is severely delayed or cancelled? Or if you’re stuck overnight at the airport?

What if your wallet gets stolen at the airport and it is full of dollars ready to start your new life? Or your hand luggage is stolen and it contains your iPad, laptop and camera equipment?

What if your suitcases get lost and you arrived with no luggage?

What happens if you lose your passport?

What happens if you have to postpone your outbound flight at the last minute due to an illness or the death of a loved one?

What would happen if you needed an ambulance soon after arriving? (Does the state you’re moving provide a free ambulance service for residents? Some states in Australia charge for ambulances and these fees can vary.)

What happens if your Australian hire car gets broken into shortly after arriving and some of your possessions are taken?

What happens if you break your tooth or you get bad tooth ache soon after arriving? Or if you sit on your prescription glasses and need a new pair?

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One way travel insurance: Emigration planning and risk assessments

There are so many things that could go wrong. Now hopefully none of these things will happen. But we all know that flights do get cancelled, bags do get lost and people do get ill or injured. Now you may find alternative sources cover you for some things (airlines might cover hotels overnight during long delays, and they may provide you with a payout for lost luggage etc.), but it’s important to do a quick risk assessment to make sure you feel comfortable that you could cope if anything out of the ordinary happened.

You can get one-way travel insurance to Australia from the UK to just cover your journey over or you can take out a policy that covers you for a period of time after you arrive in the Australia to cover you and your family while you get settled and decide whether you want to take out a family health insurance policy (if you want to look into that now, I partner with Bupa and you can get a quote for your family health insurance here).

My experience of one way travel insurance from the UK to Australia

We decided that we wanted one-way travel insurance to cover us while we got settled in Australia as we were moving without jobs. We knew we’d be eligible for Medicare as we were moving as permanent residents, but we had no idea whether it was as comprehensive as the NHS. We decided to take out insurance to cover us for a few weeks after landing to give us time to get settled, find work and to give us chance to work out whether we wanted to take out private health insurance or not.

Of course, none of the above stuff was likely to happen but then we knew we’d be stressed out and busy enough with the move and finding work that we didn’t want to add any unnecessary stress or potentially any extra financial burden on our shoulders if anything did go wrong.

While we didn’t claim on ours, I still feel it was money well spent. It gave us time to look into private health care and decide whether we really needed it or not (there will be more about Medicare and private health insurance in a future post but if you want to look into prices for Bupa health insurance click here).

The above is just a list of things you might want to think about. If you decide to take out oneway travel insurance obviously read all of the details of your chosen policy and decide whether the one way trip insurance policy is the right one for your needs.

If your leaving party is looming, have you taken out one-way travel insurance to Australia yet? Travel insurance for one way travel isn’t too expensive for the peace of mind that it provides. Sort out your migration insurance today and tick another item off your to-do list.

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This post contains affiliate links.

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