Move to Australia | Real life reader stories

If you’re thinking of making the move to Australia, check out our Reader Stories! This is a new strand of content we’ve launched to share different people’s experiences of making the move to Australia. We’ll be adding to this over time as we want to cover moving to all of the different states and cities to share a wide range of relocation experiences with you. 

Why is it important to share a variety of stories about moving to Australia?

A view of Brisbane River after our move to Australia

I know how important it is to hear how other people got on with their move to Australia while you’re going through the experience. I know when we made the move, I wanted to hear how other people did it, what they’d learnt and what they’d do differently if they did it again. We’re all so different and that means our experiences of making the move will be different too. It’s great to be able to profile different stories and showcase how to move to Australia for different situations. 

In these reader stories, you can find out…

Did they use an agent?
Which services did they find helpful?
How easy was it to find a rental?
Did they move to Australia with a job, or find one when they landed (and how easy was that?!)
How did their kids settle in school?
How did family react to the news they were moving to Australia?

We like to cover all the things! 

Lots of people have moved to Australia before you. Learn from their experience, and be inspired about your own move to Australia. 

Our move to Australia | Reader stories published so far…

Check back as we add more to our Reader Stories list or read our other Migration blog posts here

Write for us about your move to Australia!

If you’ve already made the move to Australia, maybe you’re interested in having YOUR reader story featured. We pay a $50 giftcard for all stories that are selected for publication, and we’re so grateful for everyone who shares their experience as it really does help others. Find out more about writing for us here.

If you haven’t moved yet, definitely come back and consider writing for us when you have made the move so you can pass on your words of wisdom to other people who are moving to Australia after you.