This post about the best beach wagon was updated in November 2020. At the time of re-publishing, all of the beach wagons and beach carts listed were either available in Australia or were available on free international delivery with Amazon Prime. I update this post about the best beach cart at least once a year to keep my recommendations up to date and accurate (and also to take into account the best new beach wagons on the market). Products like beach wagons come in and out of stock and the free Prime delivery option comes and goes on the items too, so be sure to check postage and location options of your beach cart before checking out on Amazon. 

Get yourself ready for the summer season in Australia by investing in the best beach wagon! If you love going to the beach as much as I do, and you take as much stuff to the beach as the guy in this photo, this guide of folding beach wagons and pull along beach carts with big wheels is for you! We moved to Australia for this beach lifestyle, so it’s important to make beach trips as fun as possible!

I have three little kids and when we go to the beach in Australia, we take tonnes of stuff with us – our beach tent or umbrella, boogie boards, food and drink, towels, hats, sunscreen, a football, beach umbrellas, cricket set…it equals a LOT of family beach gear. I did a lot of research into finding the best beach wagon with big wheels as I wanted a good quality folding wagon suitable for pulling on soft sand. A heavy duty beach trolley is a must-have beach item, so wanted to share everything I’ve learned during my beach cart research with you. A great beach wagon will honestly make your days at the beach easier and a lot more fun (and there will be no more fighting about who carries what when you can just put everything into your beach cart and pull it along easily!)

Want to discover the best beach trolley Australia has to offer? Read on to find out!

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Introduction to buying the best beach cart or the best beach wagon with big wheels for sand 2021

The best beach wagon in Australia has many uses. If you get a heavy-duty, flexible all-terrain folding wagon it can be used as a beach buggy cart, as a beach fishing cart, as a kids’ wagon, as a camp cart, as a folding sports wagon, as a garden cart or even as a wagon for getting shopping from your car to the kitchen! You can get a collapsible wagon that is essentially a beach cooler with wheels, or a foldable wagon with canopy, or a foldable beach trolley that just holds your beach chairs, or a wagon for kids to ride in when their legs get tired – there are so many beach wagons to choose from depending on your needs. The best part is that your fold-up beach wagon doesn’t take up much space in your boot (which is important given how much beach gear you’re likely to be taking with you) yet a foldable beach trolley pops up and transforms into a pull along beach cart to give you a helping hand to carry a large load. A beach wagon is also so handy when going on holiday – we use one to stack in all of our luggage when going up to our hotel rooms to save us doing multiple trips back to the car! There are so many uses for the best beach cart! 

I had a lot of fun looking around at the best beach cart Australia has available. Owning a beach cart makes the summer season so much easier and more fun! It has transformed our days out (especially picnics and days at the zoo!)

I know you’re eager to begin beach trolley shopping so I’m going to kick right off with telling you all about the best beach wagons in Australia, but be sure to scroll to the bottom of the article too to read my advice about choosing the best beach cart and the things you should consider before making your purchase.

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Australia’s best beach wagon comparison table 2021

Below is my best beach cart comparison chart 2021, you can see the top brands of all-terrain beach cart compared side by side in an up to date list. Have a look at the best beach cart comparison table below and read on for my best beach wagon recommendations. I have just updated the list below, to take into account the beach wagons and carts that are currently for sale in Australia (or that are for sale internationally with free delivery to Australia via Amazon Prime). The market changes constantly, and annoyingly every time I update the post I find that my favourite folding beach wagons have gone off the market, sold out or stopped being included in the free international delivery promotion. 

A couple of beach wagons that I really love aren’t currently available in Australia (on the date I’m updating this) but I wanted to mention the brands here because the only reason they aren’t on this best beach cart list is their lack of current availability. Some of my favourite wagons are: the Enkeeo with canopy, the Radio Flyer 3 in 1, the Beau Jardin and the Mac Heavy Duty Sports. Hopefully I’ll be able to come back and add them to my list again at some point but for now I can’t find availability so I’m leaving them off the best beach wagon comparison table. 

ProductImageFeaturesBuy now
Sekey Folding WagonHeavy duty, holds up to 80kg, chunky beach wheels.Buy now from Amazon Australia
Relaxadays Folding Wagon with Canopy Wagon with canopy, smaller wheels, drink holder, telescopic handle. Buy from Amazon Australia
Anco folding wagon with canopyWagon with canopy, study wheels, zip bag attachment, pull and push handle. Buy now from
ONIVA beach cartPull and push handles, very heavy duty, extra storage areas, comes with excellent guarantee for repair or replacement.Buy now from Amazon Australia
Rio Beach Deluxe Wonder WheelerCompact and lightweight, storage for valuables, mesh compartment, holds up to 45kg/100lbsBuy now from Amazon Australia
Rio Beach Go CartTrolley carries up to three beach chairs, bungee included. Carries up to 22.6kg/50lbs. Buy now from Amazon Australia
Mac Sports WagonHolds up to 68kg/150lbs, adjustable handle, durable fabric, pockets for drinksBuy now from Amazon Australia

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Getting your hands on your foldable beach trolley: Free shipping tips and product availability

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I’ve included beach cart reviews for collapsible wagons that are available in Australia (on the date I am updating this post) but where possible I’ve included beach wagons that are available worldwide. I get lots of messages asking me for the best folding beach trolley in the UK or the best beach trolley in the US too so I’ve tried to list the best heavy-duty beach cart with big wheels that can be purchased from your local Amazon or be shipped from the US.

At the time of writing this post about the best beach wagons, I included beach trolleys that were available from Amazon Australia OR from the US via free Amazon Prime Delivery (which you can get on a free 30-day trial). If the item is currently eligible for free Amazon Prime delivery it tells you under the buying button (please note, the items included in the Amazon Prime delivery change all the time so I can’t guarantee how long the free delivery option will last). Please note: beach wagons that were available in Australia when I wrote this, may no longer be available in Australia when you’re reading this as stock changes so quickly. 

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What is the best-rated beach cart brand on the market in 2021?

It was a tough choice but my favourite beach cart has to be the Sekey Folding Wagon with all-terrain wheels. The reason I made this call was because I felt it was the best beach cart for soft sand and I think it’s the best all-terrain collapsible trolley cart as it’s sturdy and durable. 

If you’re looking for the best beach cart in Australia for soft sand to use as a pull along beach trolley, the Sekey folding wagon is a great pick. The Sekey beach wagon is a multi-purpose outdoor folding wagon and it is easy to maneuver. This beach cart can take up to 80kg in weight which is plenty for your next beach outing! The adjustable beach cart handle means it suits people of different heights, and the beach wagon comes with its own protective cover for when not in use.

The beach wagon’s extra chunky beach wagon wheels mean you can pull it off-road with ease. This best beach cart for soft sand needs larger sand cart wheels like this to cope, especially as you are likely to be filling it with heavy beach gear and this beach trolley cart definitely doesn’t disappoint.

The Sekey collapsible folding outdoor utility wagon is very similar to the Mac heavy duty sports folding wagon with its extra large, all terrain beach wagon wheels (which isn’t showing as currently available) although it actually has a higher weight capacity than the Mac. It has an adjustable handle and it is so roomy – perfect for your picnic, cooler, beach tent and everything else you need to pack. The 600D durable canvas can be cleaned easily. It folds up small, comes with a carry bag and it has a strong and durable frame. As far as rolling beach carts go, this one is really impressive. This sports wagon cart has a great score on Amazon with over 1000 reviews. This sturdy beach trolley will last you for years and years and is a really solid choice.

>> Get the Sekey folding beach wagon from Amazon Australia 

>> Get the Sekey folding beach wagon from Amazon US

The best folding beach trolley with canopy 

It was tricky to find any folding beach wagons with canopy as all of my usual go-to favourites (the Enkeeo and the Radio Flyer 3 in 1) aren’t currently showing availability on Amazon Australia, Catch and all of the stores I would usually go to). I know some people love a beach wagon with canopy as they like to keep their things in the shade, so I’ve found a couple of good choices for you. 

The first is the Relaxadays Folding Wagon. This beach cart comes with a canopy, bottle or drink holders, a tray at the back and a large capacity. The handle is comfortable to use and it folds up for transporting. It is currently listed as being shipped from Amazon UK with Amazon Prime delivery listed as free (at the moment of typing!) I would say though that the wheels aren’t thick, heavy-duty sand wheels so it’s a beach cart more suited to using on grass or roads than pulling along soft sand. It does hold up to 80kg though so has a solid weight capacity and the canopy can be removed. 

>> Get the Relaxadays beach wagon with canopy from Amazon Australia 

A heavier-duty beach wagon with canopy is available on The Anco folding beach wagon has thicker beach wheels than the Relaxadays, making it a more practical beach wagon for taking on the sand. It has a push and pull handle, a large zip bag and ample space to carry your beach gear. The max weight capacity of the Anco beach cart is 50kg, so it’s not as strong as some of the other beach wagon’s on the market but it’s a solution if you’re looking for a beach wagon with canopy for your beach adventures. 

>> Check out the Anco beach wagon with canopy on

The best push and pull all-terrain beach trolley

ONIVA Picnic Time Adventure Wagon GT Folding Cart

It was a close call with naming the Sekey the best beach wagon, as this ONIVA folding beach wagon is another great contender. 

The ONIVA collapsible beach cart with all terrain wheels features a collapsible steel frame and easy to clean, durable fabric. It is such a solid, off-road beach cart with big wheels perfect for taking to the beach in Australia. It has a telescoping pull handle on front and it has a zip pocket for your valuables like mobile and keys.

What I really love about this (it makes it one of the best beach wagons for Australia!) is that it is backed by the Picnic Time family of brands ‘built to last’ lifetime pledge – they promise to repair or replace it if it is defective for any reason. There aren’t many brands out there that offer this sort of guarantee, so at least you know this is going to be the last beach wagon you’re ever going to need to buy!.

The ONIVA folding cart is a really solid pull along beach trolley that offers a lot of flexibility. Its dark coloured fabric also means you won’t see any marks on it too. It ships from the US, and lists it (at the time of writing) as available for free delivery to Australia with Amazon Prime. 

>> Shop for ONIVA folding beach wagons on Amazon Australia
>> Shop for ONIVA folding beach wagons on Amazon US
>> Shop for ONIVA folding beach wagons on Amazon UK

The best upright beach cart trolleys

If you aren’t taking tonnes of bulky children’s beach gear to the beach like me, maybe an upright beach caddy is the kind of portable wagon you’re looking for. These kinds of upright beach trolleys are still foldable beach wagons, and they can still hold lots of beach gear. A beach trolley cart also makes a great option for taking to busy events as they take up much less space in crowds.

Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler Deluxe Foldable Beach Trolley

>> Get the Rio Beach Deluxe Wonder Wheeler from Amazon Australia <<

Rio Beach make the best beach trolley around if you want an upright model of beach cart! The Rio Beach Deluxe Wonder Wheeler foldable trolley has two large wheels and two small wheels, meaning you can push it on four wheels or tilt it back to make it into a pull along beach trolley. The net bag allows your things to breathe which is important if your things might be wet from the ocean, and there is a large basket in the handle which is great for handbags and smaller items.

It is a very flexible beach trolley and can be filled with goods, or used to carry four beach chairs plus it can also fit a cooler too. It’s a lightweight folding wagon cart, and little details like the sun umbrella holder and body board holder mean you can really be hands-free for your beach day out. The collapsible folding wagon cart is your own personal beach wheelbarrow! The Rio Beach trolleys may look small and compact but these beach carts are mighty!

>> Get the Rio Beach Deluxe Wonder Wheeler foldable trolley from Amazon Australia 

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Rio Beach Go Cart Chair Trolley

>> Get the Rio Beach Go Cart chair trolley from Amazon Australia << 

If you mainly want a folding beach trolley to take your beach chairs to the sand, then the  Rio Beach Go Cart chair trolley is perfect!

It’s just a simple beach cart that you can stack on your Rio Beach folding chairs.

>> Get the Rio Beach chair trolley from Amazon Australia

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More of the best all-terrain beach carts

Here are some of the other best beach carts.

Mac Sports Collapsible Folding All Terrain Beach Wagon Cart

Mac Sports is one of my favourite folding beach cart brands (unfortunately the heavy-duty version of this beach wagon mentioned below isn’t currently available in Australia at the time of writing but you can search for Mac Wagons on Amazon Australia here to see if things have changed since this update was published).

This fabulous foldable beach cart brand make a number of different portable folding carts for the beach and outdoor folding wagons. Whether you’re looking for the best beach cart in Australia or you’re based in the US or another part of the world – the Mac Sports beach wagons are solid, hardwearing and durable for all occasions. 

The Mac Sports Heavy Duty Folding Wagon is such a solid product and this would be my pick of the bunch (when available), but there are a variety of Mac Sports Beach Wagons available on Amazon depending on your needs (and your location as not all are available in every country, unfortunately).

The Mac Sports heavy duty collapsible folding wagon is one of my favourite folding beach wagons for so many reasons. As soon as I started my research for the best-rated beach cart, the Mac Sports Beach Wagon kept coming up in its various forms on all of the lists I found of beach carts. I quickly saw that Mac Sports was a brand of collapsible beach cart that was well-known and highly regarded because it is a quality brand of beach wagon. But it’s not always available for delivery in Australia, that’s why it didn’t make the cut as the best beach wagon in Australia – but it’s such cool wagon I wanted to give it a mention as it’s availability comes and goes so it’s worth taking a look on Amazon to see if it’s covered with the Prime free shipping. 

Amazon has a number of different options of Mac Sports collapsible folding outdoor utility wagon at different price points.

As I said, my favourite is the Mac Sports heavy duty collapsible folding wagon. I’ve been impressed at looking at all of the different Mac folding wagons and feel they are the best wagon for sand – whether you go for a big wheel wagon or a more lightweight version. All of the options of Macwagon are made of durable canvas, they can hold so much weight and they all collapse down small.

If you don’t need a heavy-duty beach cart, they make a lightweight version of beach utility cart with smaller wheels (see the pink wagon pictured at the top of this section). This is NOT for carrying children in – the capacity of it isn’t big enough, but it is handy for smaller loads and to cart groceries around. 

I also like that the Mac wagons have extra details like the drink holders and the pulling handle is sturdy and comfortable (and adjustable which is important for me as I’m only small!) The extra large wheels on the heavy duty beach cart are perfect whether you are pulling it on soft sand or taking it off road camping. Whichever Mac sports all terrain collapsible wagon, you can be sure that it is a solid product that is built to last. 

Mac Sports is a well-known brand of collapsible folding furniture perfect for the beach or for camping, so you can buy matching beach gear to go with it including chairs, picnic tables and umbrellas. If you’re looking for a long-lasting, top quality foldable cart to use as a beach trolley then this is it. I like the strong colours too – they are bold but dark enough not to show up marks.

Mac sells a number of different collapsible wagons, from more lightweight foldable utulity wagons to their heavy duty folding wagon which makes the ultimate beach caddy cart for your perfect trip to the beach. The heavy duty collapsible wagons are strong and will easily cope with your beach gear, plus as it is a beach wagon for soft sand it will cope being pulled to your perfect spot on the beach.

>> Shop for all Mac Sports wagons on Amazon Australia 

>> Shop for all Mac Wagons on Amazon US

>> Shop for all Mac Wagons on Amazon UK

Find the best beach trolley or beach caddy for your needs in Australia or worldwide in 2021

Now that you’ve seen the best beach carts on my list, let me share my tips on choosing the best beach wagon. Australia has incredible beaches and you can enjoy them a whole lot more if you go to the beach with everything you need and carry it all effortlessly in a beach utility wagon! Finding the best beach cart makes your days out sooo much easier and so much more fun! Getting a great beach wagon really did make our days out so much more enjoyable. 

Here are some things to look for when buying Australia’s best beach wagon to use as a beach caddy:

  • How small does the collapsible beach wagon fold down (and how easy is it to collapse)?
  • How heavy is the foldable wagon for carrying when folded?
  • Is the canvas wagon made from tough and durable materials?
  • Does the beach trolley have beach cart wheels suitable for pulling on soft sand or is it something that you’d drag along the sand?
  • Is the beach cart a heavy duty folding wagon that will last you for years?
  • Is it a flat bed wagon or an upright beach trolley?
  • Is it a specialist cart like a beach cooler cart or a wagon for kids to sit in to be pulled?
  • Will you be able to fit all of your sports, beach or fishing gear in it comfortably?
  • Does the heavy duty beach trolley have an optional lid or table top that you can buy with it?
  • In the beach trolley reviews does it say what the handles are like and how easy and comfortable it is to pull along?
  • Is the foldable beach cart held together when folded (you don’t want it to fall open – it should be held together firmly with velcro or a strap or carry bag)?
  • Is it a beach trolley with canopy to protect your things from the sun (if that is important to you)?
  • Does the pull along beach buggy also have a fixed handle on the other side to make it easier to carry down steps or on more difficult terrain?
  • Does the beach wagon have a brake so you can lock it in place to stop if from rolling away? 
  • How to do the wheels of the beach cart perform when being pulled around – is it easy to change direction? 
  • Does the beach cart have any pockets for your valuables or to hold drinks? 

Pinterest image for the ultimate guide to the best beach wagons and the best beach carts

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Conclusions about choosing the best beach cart with large wheels to use in Australia

Before you invest in a collapsible folding cart with wheels in Australia or anywhere else around the world, be clear about what you want to use your beach wagon trolley for. Just because this post is about the ‘best beach cart Australia has to offer’ it doesn’t mean that you can only use your collapsible utility cart at the beach! Foldable beach carts make amazing camping companions, they’re perfect for taking on days to the park, they’re great for carrying picnics and drinks on days at the zoo or wildlife park, and they are great on the first day of school for carrying in all of the school books and stationery to school for your kids! Pull along beach trolleys and heavy-duty folding wagons have so many uses!

There are lots of beach carts with big wheels on the market, but make sure you think about where you plan on using it, how much gear you plan on carrying in it, how you will transport your folding beach wagon to places (will it fit in your car when folded with the rest of your beach gear?) and how long you want your foldable beach cart to last. Quality beach wagons for sand are more expensive as they are made with durable materials and have extra features and details. If it’s only for occasional use, a cheap folding wagon could be the best buy for you.

Read lots of beach wagon reviews like those included in this post about the best beach carts in Australia and around the world. You’ll find that all beach carts with big wheels have some pros and cons – you just need to work out which folding beach cart features are the most important to you so you buy the beach wagon that suits your lifestyle and budget.

I hope you enjoy your beach trips this summer with your new beach wagon!

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