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If I had to say the one food that I miss in Australia, it would be British fish and chips. It’s not something I had all the time back in the UK, but just knowing you could pop into the local chip shop for traditional fish and chips was a comforting thought.

Now I live in Brisbane, British chippies aren’t as easy to come by! Thankfully there ARE still places to get your fix of British fish and chips and the quality of the British fish and chips near me is amazing so it’s just like the homemade fish and chips you enjoyed back home!

Depending on where you live though, you might have a travel a little way to find a great British chippy, but trust me, it is worth it! I often get asked where to find British fish and chips in Australia, so I thought it was about time I did a bit of research and pulled together a list of where you can get English fish and chips in Australia. 

I LOVE living in Australia. I’m not one to complain about things we can’t get over here – I’ve fully embraced the Aussie way of life, but sometimes it’s just comforting to get a taste of home! 

British chippies in Australia

British fish and chips with mushy peas

If you’ve got a craving for fish and chip batter (specifically North Atlantic fish and chips!), you’re going to want to hunt for some great British fish and chips. Thankfully there are some amazing British fish n chips to be had in Australia.

While I’m all for embracing all things Aussie, there is something about enjoying fish and chips English recipe – Australian fish and chips are quite different. The chips in Australia (known as hot chips, as ‘chips’ are crisps here just to confuse you) are usually frozen chips (not handcut chips made fresh from potatoes), and Pacific cod which is served at Aussie fish and chip shops tastes quite different to North Atlantic cod. It’s still tasty, but it’s different. 

It’s worth noting that these British chip shops vary a lot – some offer handcut chips and cod and haddock that has been imported, others are more of a British-theme or British-style but they cook a more Australian style fish and chips (so they may use frozen chips and/or locally caught cod rather than the Pacific kind).

Many of these British chip shops offer extras in their stores such as British sweets and treats, drinks, snacks and sauces, so visiting them can give you a chance to stock up on those other British goodies that you’ve been missing from home! Some collaborate with other British food brands too (so they might sell British sausages, pork pies, curries, gammon and all kinds of other products) so they’re a great place to go if you’re feeling in need of some home comforts. .

Ready to start looking for English-style fish and chips near me?! Let’s get started!   

Where to get authentic fish and chips around Australia

Now, unfortunately, I haven’t been to all of these personally (I would love to though – maybe I should start a plan to visit them all!). Where I know the chip shop personally, I’ll be sure to add in details but otherwise I’m going to share what I can find online. I would love to hear recommendations from readers as to whether I’ve missed any of your favourites, or if there are any extra details I should add. Let me know

Salt n vinegar for British fish and chips

British fish and chips in Queensland

Let’s kick this off by listing where to get British fish and chips in Queensland, my home state. 

British fish and chips Sunshine Coast

If you’re looking for British fish and chips on the Sunshine Coast, there is only one place to go! 

1. The Fryer of Whitby British Fish and Chips – Mountain Creek

This is probably our favourite of all the British chip shops near us! Serving North Atlantic cod, and hand-cut chips, we rarely go for a day out to the Sunshine Coast without stopping in (and often we choose to go for a day out to the Sunshine Coast just because we want the chips!). The food is always fantastic, and they sell lots of great British products too so I get to stock up on things like Henderson’s Relish (a Sheffield delicacy!) As a northern lass, I also love Whitby so enjoy seeing the pictures on their walls too. I can vouch that it tastes as good as real Whitby fish and chips.  

The Fryer of Whitby is set in a little shopping complex and there are outdoor tables and chairs as well as some inside too. There is a supermarket and bottle shop in the block too, so often if we’re having a holiday or weekend away on the Sunshine Coast, we begin our holiday here so we can eat and then shop for our stay. 


69/79 Attenuata Dr, Mountain Creek 

Price guide

Regular Atlantic cod $13.50/large $17.95 | Large chips $11

Facebook page

The Fryer of Whitby

British fish and chips Brisbane and surrounds

If you’re looking for British fish and chips around Brisbane and the surrounding localities, you have a few options. 

2. Chumley Warners Traditional British Fish and Chips – Birkdale

Chumley Warners British fish and chips is the well-known Birkdale English fish and chips shop in Redlands on the way to the Gold Coast. This traditional British chippie serves all of the favourites and is a great stopping off point if you’re on your way to the Gold Coast for a day out (this is another regular haunt of ours!) You can get North Atlantic cod and haddock, mushy peas and all the usuals. They have lots of seating while you enjoy your British fish and chips, plus British beers on tap, but we tend to take ours away and drive to the waterside to eat it with a view. 

The handy thing with this British chip shop is you can order online ahead of time so we usually place our order on the drive down and just pop in to collect it. They also sell lots of British goodies in their store so you can stock up on your visit (again another stop where I grab my Henderson’s Relish!!). 

Chumley Warners used to have a North Lakes store (which was my local chippie!) but unfortunately they closed it (more on that North Lakes venue under A Bit of Britain below!) Now Birkdale is the place to go! 


Shop 8/190 Birkdale Rd, Birkdale

Price guide

Regular Atlantic cod $9.95/large $16.95 | Chips (they only come in one size) $5

Facebook page

Chumley Warners Fish and Chips

3. A Bit of Britain – British fish and chips North Lakes

This is an exciting one to include as it is a BRAND new store that has just opened (in June 2023). ABoB already has a store on the Gold Coast (more info below on that). There is some history to explain here – the people behind ABoB (aka Fryer Gav) took over the store when Chumley Warners moved out years ago and ran the chipping under a brand called The Great British Fryer. Unfortunately, a while back they closed permanently.

The shop remained empty until they announced their return with their new brand! At the time of writing this, it has only been open for a few days and we’ve only had chance to pop in for some hand cut chips which were yummy, but this time around they’ve added a lot of extras to their menu like burgers so it’s not just traditional British fish and chips. They’ve also got a collaboration going with my friends at Baked Spuds to have a jacket potato night, and they’re bringing in brands like Pacdon Pies pork pies and Spice Avenue British curries. Plus they stock all of the usual British treats. 

I haven’t tried their fish yet so I’m not sure if it’s Atlantic cod or not but I’ll report back soon! I’m super happy to have these guys back in my suburb – we will be very very very regular visitors! 


2A/1650 Anzac Ave, North Lakes 


Cod $19.95 | Large chips $9

Facebook page

A Bit of Britain 

4. Yabby Road – Redcliffe

This one is a British-themed fish and chip shop rather than traditional authentic British food. There’s Beatles and music memorabilia around and it’s a fun place to stop if you’re heading to Redcliffe Lagoon for the day or just want to grab some lunch to enjoy on the beach. Food-wise I feel this is more of an Australian fish and chip shop but I wanted to include it as it’s know as a British chip shop and they do serve extras like mushy peas. 


133 Redcliffe Parade, Redcliffe


Cod $11 | Chips min serve $3

Facebook page

Yabby Road Fish and Chips

British fish and chips Gold Coast

There are a couple of great options to get British fish and chips on the Gold Coast!

5. A Bit of Britain – British fish and chips Upper Coomera

Before they just opened their North Lakes fish and chip shop (mentioned above), A Bit of Britain opened a Gold Coast restaurant. They offer a range of British cafe foods like fried breakfasts, gammon and chips, burgers and cod and chips. Plus they have a shop selling loads of extras like chocolate and drinks and they do great collaborations with other British food brands in Australia. It’s definitely worth a visit. 


2 City Centre Dr, Upper Coomera

Price guide

Cod, shops and a side $17.95 | Gammon and chips and a side $17.95

Facebook page

A Bit of Britain 

6. Burleigh British Chippy – Burleigh

I can’t quite believe it as we regularly visit the Gold Coast, but I’ve never actually visited Burleigh fish and chips! (I definitely will do now I’ve found it online though and will update this article with more details!)

Looking at the pictures online, the food looks fabulous with North Atlantic cod and hand cut chips. They sell other British goods too and Wensley’s pork pies (which my hubby prefers over the other UK brands available here) as well as lots of extra take away food like burgers. It looks like it’s well worth a stop so I’ll be heading there on our next Gold Coast trip! 


Shop 3, 3 Classic Way, Tree Tops Plaza Burleigh Waters


Atlantic cod from $12 | Chips (one size) $6.50

Facebook page

Burleigh British Fish and Chips

British fish and chips Western Australia

If you live around Perth, you’ve got a few options of British chip shop to choose from. 

British fish and chips in and around Perth

7 – 9. Great British Chippy

If you’re looking for British fish and chips in Perth, this looks like the chain for you as this Perth British chippie has three shops! They make hand cut British chips and serve lots of options in addition to fish. Their cod and haddock are imported from Iceland. What’s not to love? As they have three stores, it gives you plenty of options too. 


151 The Prominade, ELLENBROOK

Shop C3, Currambine Central, 1244 Marmion Avenue, Currambine

Lukin Centre, 2 Captiva Approach, Butler

Price guide

Cod $13.50 | Large chips $8.50

Facebook page

Great British Chippy

British-style fish and chips in Port Kennedy

10. The Chippy

This is billed as a ‘traditional’ fish and chip shop, although it doesn’t use the words British fish and chips. They do offer hand cut chips and a wide range of extras in addition to various types of fish, but it doesn’t list Atlantic cod – they have things like New Zealand hake and Australian snapper and whiting on the menu. They do have battered sausage on the menu though so I’m thinking sausage and hand-cut chips would give you a taste of home. 


1/375 Warnbro Sound Ave, Port Kennedy

Price guide

Snapper $10.50 | Large chips $10.50

Facebook page

The Chippy

British fish and chips New South Wales

Sydney has a few options of British and Irish fish and chip shops to choose from. 

British fish and chips Sydney

11. JP McCaffrey’s Traditional Fish & Chips

This Irish and British-style chippie has all of your favourites – Atlantic cod, battered sausage, mushy peas and the like along with hand-cut chips. Grab a take away and head to the beach to enjoy it – what could be better?! 


Ground 143/145 Dolphin St, Coogee

Price guide 

Cod $22 | Chips (one size) $8

Facebook page

JP McCaffrey’s Traditional Fish and Chips

12 – 13. Old English Fish N Chips

This fish and chip shop sells a wide range of products – burgers and a range of seafood as well as fish and chips. Looking at their website, it doesn’t mention if the cod is imported (so I’m assuming it isn’t), and it looks like the chips aren’t traditional British chips (as the website says they’re a Tasmanian product with a great natural potato flavour). Let me know if you’ve tried either of the shops so I can update with more details! They have two stores available to choose from. 


14 the Center Forestville

Shop 2/286-288, Willoughby RD Naremburn

Price guide

Fish (not sure what fish it is) $8 | Jumbo chips $10

Facebook page

Old English Fish and Chips

14. Big Dave’s Chipper

This food truck serves authentic Irish food and you can order online from sites like Uber Eats. The food truck goes to various locations and they also serve food from their shop. The menu varies with specials such as chicken balls and rice with chips and curry sauce to soup and other Irish treats. The chips are hand cut, and they offer lots of classics like chips and gravy or cheesy chips. They also serve Atlantic cod with chips. 


779 Anzac Parade, Maroubra

Price guide on Uber Eats

Atlantic cod and chips on  $39.50 | Twice fried chips $9.50 (the prices direct will no doubt be a little cheaper than Uber Eats prices)

Facebook page

Big Dave’s Chipper

British fish and chips in Victoria


British fish and chips in Melbourne

15. Northern Soul

Oozing with northern goodness, this shop offers meals such as battered Irish sausage and a chip barm (i.e. chip butty for you non-Manchester folk). Their chips are hand cut, and they offer extras like Greg’s style sausage rolls and scampi! They even have items such as giant Yorkshire puddings too! The batter in their photos looks incredible and they serve all kinds of delicious things like fried rice, burgers and Scotch eggs (their menu varies). I’m not sure what variety of fish they offer but whether it is Pacific or Atlantic, it looks pretty tasty and I love everything about their online presence! 


6 Inkerman Street, St Kilda

Price guide 

Fish and chips with tartare sauce and mushy peas $23

Facebook page

Northern Soul Chip Shop

British chip shops in Australia to satisfy your craving

I hope this list has helped you discover a new English fish and chip shop or Irish fish and chip shop in Australia! Sometimes you just need a little taste of home. 

This list is work in progress and I will continue to update it as I discover more British fish and chip shops. Don’t forget to let me know if you discover that I can add to the list too