New Life in Australia podcast

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Welcome to the New Life in Australia podcast 

The New Life in Australia podcast is packed with inspiration, tips and advice to help you plan your New Life in Australia!

Join Karen and her special guests as they share professional secrets and tips, learn from people who’ve already made the move to discover all of the things they wished they’d know, and find businesses that can help you realise your dreams. 

Covering practical tips as well as mindset shifts, this podcast is about inspiring you to take the leap and go all-in creating an amazing New Life in Australia! 

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Two kids fishing at the beach in Australia

Episode #2: Moving to Australia: The decision making process

Waiting five years to decide whether to move to Australia almost cost Karen and her family the opportunity to move altogether.  Welcome to episode two of the new Life in Australia podcast.  In this episode, you will learn more about Karen’s story of moving to Australia and how it took her and her husband five […]
A couple walking away from the camera on the beach

Episode #1 Introduction to the New Life in Australia podcast

Did you know that Karen spent eight months backpacking searching for the world’s best beaches, or that one of her favourite things about living in Queensland is never having to de-ice the car?  Welcome to the first episode of the New Life in Australia podcast!  In this introductory episode, you’ll learn: Who is Karen Bleakley […]