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If you couldn’t tell already, I LOVE Australia. Moving to Australia was the best thing we’ve ever done. There are so many reasons to move to Australia – big and small. We love it here and have done so many incredible things over the last three years that we’ve lived here. Here are just a few reasons why you might like to consider moving to Australia.

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71 reasons to move to Australia

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1. The sunshine – according to Choose Brisbane we are lucky enough to get 283 days of sunshine a year!

2. The stunning beaches – apparently the Coastal Studies Unit at the University of Sydney has counted 10,685 beaches in Australia!

3. All of the Incredible play parks – you can literally scoot, walk or ride from one to another as there are so many parks

Kids in a play park in Australia

4. You can own your own swimming pool without being a millionaire

5. Tim Tams – mmm they are much better than Penguins

6. The staff pack your shopping at the supermarkets – yes, really!

7. Bunnings sausage sizzles  – basically a sausage in bread that is available to buy outside a shop similar to B&Q

8. Whale watching – I’ve done whale watching in other countries but whale watching here just blew me away! (Here’s a video I created for my family blog about our trip to Fraser Island last year – skip to the 3-minute mark if you just want to see the whale watching trip)

Fancy going along for yourself? Read my full post about my Fraser Island trip and check out the latest prices for accommodation on the Fraser Coast here

9. Free outdoor bbqs everywhere – and they are cleaned regularly and never seem to run out of gas

10. Beautiful tropical flowers – hibiscus and frangipani are my personal favourites

11. You can pick fresh mangoes – in our first rental our neighbour had a mango tree and used to let us pick as many as we wanted

12. Wild koalas in the trees – OK they may not be that common but we often see them in the trees at our school

13. Whitehaven Beach – one of the most stunning places you will ever see in your lifetime

14. Sandboarding – you have to try it! I recommend Port Stephens (check out the latest accommodation prices in New South Wales) or Moreton Island (check out Moreton Island accommodation here)

15. Tropical islands – Moreton, Bribie, Stradbroke, Fraser, Fitzroy, Rottnest – there are so many to choose from for day trips and holidays. You can check out my post about Tangalooma Island Resort on Moreton Island here.

16. Outdoor food truck events – Eat Street in Brisbane is just incredible and I’m sure other cities have similar

17. Kangaroos – we love playing ‘spot the kangaroos’ in the fields on long car journeys

18. People are happy – who wouldn’t be happy when it’s sunny most of the time!

19. Big houses – yes it means more cleaning, but there is something amazing about having so much space. If you want to learn about buying houses in Australia, you can read this post by the awesome mortgage broker that I recommend

20. All the free outdoor family events

21. Shops offer lay bys – where you pay a deposit and pay things off in instalments so can avoid running up the credit card at Christmas

22. Surfing and body boarding in warm water without a wet suit on

23. Pies – they seriously make amazing pies here!

24. See turtles coming in to lay their eggs/watch the eggs hatch (depending on the time of year) – we did this in Exmouth, WA and it was so amazing (read the magazine feature I wrote about the experience here). We’re hoping to go to Heron Island in the not too distant future to do it again

25. Dry weather on the school run most days – this never gets boring!

26. Warm oceans – even in winter the water is lush (as this Instagram video from earlier this week shows!)

27. Lamingtons – actually I hate these but the rest of my family insisted I add them to the list as they all love the little coconut cakes

28. Snorkelling – one of the best places to snorkel in the world is the Ningaloo Reef in WA, The Drift Snorkel at Exmouth is just spectacular

29. Uluru – this is somewhere you simply must go because it is awe-inspiring > check out the latest accommodation prices here

Karen Bleakley at Uluru

30. Free car parking in lot of places

31. It’s always picnic weather

32. Frozen Cokes for $1 – from MacDonalds (or ‘Maccas’) – these keep my hubby awake on his drive home after a long night shift!

33. Fresh air – so much fresh air!

34. Unspoilt wildlife

35. All the space – space around houses, wider roads, plenty of parkland, national parks, empty beaches – there is so much room here!

36. Big parking bays – for someone who hates to park in busy car parks this is perfect!

37. Wide networks of cycle paths

38. Rainbow lorikeets – because who doesn’t love to look up and see colourful birds in the trees!

39. Thongs can be worn all year round in some parts of the country (probably best not to try this in Melbourne in winter though!) – that’s thongs as in flip flops, or ‘thong flops’ as my confused 4yo calls them 🙂 Although poms tend to get funny looks when wearing them in the dead of winter when all the Aussies are wearing their Ugg boots!

40. Bundaberg soft drinks – my favourite is the pineapple and coconut

41. Incredible sunsets – the setting sun turns the sky pink over the palm trees around our pool and it is just beautiful

42. The Aussie sense of humour – just follow Queensland Police on social media to see what I mean

43. Awesome coffee shops- the coffee here is just the best

44. Outdoor dining in cafes, restaurants, parks and your own home – so long as you’re undercover it doesn’t matter if it’s baking hot or raining, you can still enjoy eating outside


Yummy BBQ time! #eatoutdoors #lovewhereyoulive #parklife #schoolholidays

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45. Amazing festivals – there are loads of great outdoor festivals and family events here like The Ekka which takes place every year in Brisbane

46. Victoria Bitter – otherwise known as VB. I love it because it reminds me of my carefree backpacking days

47. Laundry rooms – how awesome to finally keep your laundry out of your kitchen!

48. Big double garages with electric doors

49. Avocado on sourdough toast for breakfast – it tastes better than it sounds, honest!

50. Byron Bay – just because it is stunning and a lot of fun. Read my post about Byron Bay here.

51. Waterfalls where you can go wild swimming

52. Cronuts – a cross between a doughnut and a croissant

53. Beetroot on burgers – OK this is either a reason for or against, depending on your view of beetroot

54. Sports clubs that offer free childcare while you enjoy a quiet glass of wine

55. Wine tours

56. Mocha frappes – yes they sell these in other countries but my bet is Australia serves the best!

57. The Great Barrier Reef  and the Ningaloo Reef because everyone should see these two spectacular natural wonders of the world

Karen Bleakley snorkelling at Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia

58. You can get a doctor’s appointment on the same day (even on a weekend) and get a free home doctor come to your house out of hours!

59. Outdoor music events – with sun, not rain and mud!

60. Because it is close to tropical islands for holidays – on the east coast you’ve got Fiji, New Caledonia, Vanuatu and the Cook Islands all pretty close and on the west you’ve got Bali

61. Bbqs all year round – we have at least one a week as you’ll know if you follow my Instagram feed and see how often I feature my Weber bbq!

62. Caramello Koalas – like Freddo Frogs. My kids love them even though Australian Cadburys tastes different as they add something to stop it from melting

63. Pancakes with syrup and bacon for breakfast – yes it’s quite American but it honestly does taste amazing!

64. Spending Christmas Day in the sun – it’s so much fun jumping in the pool between eating and opening presents! Read this post about how people spend Christmas in Australia

The Bleakley Boys on Christmas Day in Australia

65. Rainforests – there are so many pristine rainforests in Australia to explore

66. Kids get to see the early version of the New Year fireworks before they go to bed in most cities – they love kids here so make sure they don’t miss out!

67. You can hand feed wild dolphins – avoid the theme park versions with captive dolphins and go straight to places like Monkey Mia and Tin Can Bay where you can feed dolphins in their natural environment. Read my post about dolphin feeding at Tin Can Bay here

Hand feeding wild dolphins at Tin Can Bay

68. Theme parks and wildlife attractions are affordable – annual passes are so cheap here compared with in the UK. GroupOn has some awesome deals!

69. The Aussie slang that just involves adding ‘o’ to the end of everything – we have to laugh every time we see the ‘fisho at the servo’ signs which basically means there a fish stall is at the service station

70. Australia’s natural attractions  – Australia may not have ancient buildings like Europe, but its scenery is pretty extraordinary! 

Karen Bleakley at The Pinnacles, Western Australia

71. Because it’s a big adventure!

If you’ve got any more favourites to add to the list, please scroll down to the bottom of the page and tell me in the comments!

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