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I’ve been writing articles and features for Australia and New Zealand magazine in the UK since I came back from our backpacking trip in 2009. I’d been an avid reader of the magazine for so many years, it was so exciting to finally be able to write for them on a regular basis.

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Since that first travel feature, I’ve written many articles for them including a monthly diary feature about our experience moving to Australia, family travel features about our East Coast travels and migration advice to help other people who are making the move to Australia.

I’ve now created a home for all of these articles. Visit my Australia and New Zealand magazine page to read them all. I’ll keep adding links to the page as new articles are published – I have plenty more coming up over the next few months. The magazine is hands-down my favourite resource about moving to Australia, so if you’re seriously looking at moving over here it’s well worth subscribing if you don’t read it already.

Read the articles at your own pace on my Australia and New Zealand magazine landing page.

I hope you find this useful!

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