Dreaming of a new life in the sun? Stop making excuses. You can emigrate to Australia in six easy steps. Yes, it’s scary and daunting. And yes, it involves hard work and dedication. But then so does everything worth doing in life.

Moving to Australia is just a house move to somewhere further away with a few extra bits of admin.


Infographic shoing six easy steps to emigrate to Australia

Six Easy Steps to Emigrate to Australia

OK, that graphic above might make it sound way too easy. I won’t lie – moving to Australia does take commitment, a positive mindset and money. But if you break it down, you can simplify everything and stop the whole thing from feeling overwhelming. Chunk the tasks down and take it step-by-step, like you would with any project.

1) Check if you’re eligible to move to Australia by speaking to a MARA registered migration agent (I recommend Veronika from Sort Out My Visa who works with me on my site) and check that you CAN move to Australia.

2) Work out whether you can afford to make the move. Look at the costs involved in moving to Australia – visas, flights, shipping, hire cars, temporary accommodation etc. – and factor in some costs for setting up your new life (buying cars, rent payments, living costs to keep you going until you find a job…) and look at the value of your assets to see if you can fund the move.

3) Decide to make the move and take action. This is the biggest and most difficult step of all. But unless you take action towards your dream, it will never be your reality.

4) Close down your life in the UK and research and plan your new life in Australia.

5) Move! Get on that plane and move to Australia.

6) Start your new life in Australia. Get through the Australia-side admin, and starting living the life of your dreams Down Under.

Yep, you really can make it happen in six easy steps. Stop over-complicating things because that will put you off ever saying ‘yes’ to your dream. It’s like someone showing you a wreck of a house and telling you to renovate it into a stunning mansion when you have no idea about house renovations. Without a clear strategy in place and some support, you would probably walk away from that challenge! Emigrating is the same – it feels like such a big task to take on – especially when you have kids to think about – but if you have a plan and some support, you can work through it stage-by-stage and learn as you go.

Where do you want to wake up in 2018?

Kids on a beach jumping - Emigrate to Australia in six easy steps

2016 has almost passed. And just like 2015 and 2014, 2017 will pass in 365 days. Do you want to be exactly where you are right now when the bells toll to welcome 2018? How about when the bells toll to ring in 2020 or 2025? One year of moving admin is all it takes, and the reward will be there for the rest of your life.

2017 could be the year that changes everything for you. And it all starts with a simple decision to say ‘yes’ to the adventure 🙂 Are you ready to take the leap? Leave your comment below to let me know!

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