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When you leave all of your friends and family behind, it’s totally natural and normal to feel homesick! You can still love where you live and enjoy the adventure while missing what you’ve left behind – both of those feelings can exist together. 

Welcome to episode four of the New Life in Australia podcast

In this week’s episode, Karen is talking all about homesickness and ways to shift those feelings. It’s not about avoiding feeling that way, it’s about doing things to move your energy and attention as what you focus on grows. 

If you’ve been feeling homesick, you aren’t alone. It’s something we all feel at times and there are lots of ways you can process these emotions rather than trying to block them. 


Additional resources

If you’d like more tips for overcoming homesickness, you can read this blog post. 

You can find the AI-generated transcript for episode 4 here. 

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