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It breaks my heart every time I receive a message from somebody who has lost money because the migration company they chose blocked them, went under or didn’t even exist in the first place! It’s really expensive to set up a new life over here, and you really want to make sure that the services you are booking and paying for are going to deliver the value that you need because it just would be awful to pay the money out and then lose that money and not get the service that you were expecting.

Welcome to episode six of the New Life in Australia podcast

In this episode, Karen shares her tips around doing your due diligence before paying for any migration or relocation services so you can avoid making expensive mistakes. 

It’s unfortunately too common for Karen to receive emails from readers who’ve had problems with their migration services and have lost large chunks of money in the process . While it’s not possible to guarantee you a problem-free move, you can do your research and minimise risks, and make sure the companies you’re choosing are equipped to resolve any issues that arise. 

After listening, you can also download a PDF of the list in the extra resources below so you can refer to it again and again. 


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