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We had access to a car and a 4-bedroom home with pool for three and a half months. We reckon we saved $25 to $27,000 by housesitting in those first few months…We didn’t have to pay any bills or anything like that. So basically, apart from putting petrol in the car and paying for our phone access, there was nothing else. 

Welcome to episode seven of the New Life in Australia podcast

In this episode, Karen chats with Tracy Collins from Tracy’s Travels in Time and host of the UK Travel Planning Podcast and the Global Travel Planning Podcast all about her experience housesitting. 

The episode we talk about

          • How Tracy began house-sitting
          • How Tracy and Doug saved $25-27k on their arrival to Australia by organising a 3-month house sit which came with a car and bills
          • How Tracy still regularly house sits in Australia and around the world
          • How to craft a winning profile on the house-sitting website


Additional resources


TrustedHousesitters - Explore the world with pet sitting

You can find the AI-generated transcript for episode 7 here

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