I get asked the same questions all the time…How much is the cost of moving to Australia from the UK? How much savings do you need to move to Australia? How much does it cost for a visa to Australia? Is it expensive to move to Australia…

And I get it – when we were planning our relocation to Australia, I wanted somebody to give me a rough ballpark figure of how much it was going to cost to move to Australia too.

How much to move to Australia?

If you’ve been wondering how much will it cost to move to Australia (especially if you’re wondering about the cost of emigrating to Australia from the UK), I can give you some guidance based on what it cost my family of five when we moved. 

I’ve created a PDF download (available in my FREE Resource Library) that details all of our costs, broken down item by item. These are based on our personal costs of moving to Australia (two adults and three kids under five on a skilled independent visa) – our costs will be different to your costs because everyone’s situation is unique but it gives you a starting point to work out your own cost to emigrate to Australia.

Your actual costs to emigrate to Australia will depend on:
which skills assessment you are doing
which visa you’re going for
how many members are in your family
whether you need to take the English language test or not
how many seats you book on the flight (and how early you book flights)
whether you take a pet
whether you take a shipping container
whether you get a lift to the airport or take a taxi
whether you’re staying with family when you arrive
how long you book temporary accommodation for
how long you decide to get a hire car for….
…and lots more.

Any figures that were charged in AUD are listed based on the exchange rate at the time which will be different today (all of the moving costs to Australia are listed on my PDF in UK pounds) so things like temporary accommodation will be a different exchange rate if you booked it today. 

I hope this list gives you an idea of how much you need to budget if you plan to move from the UK to live and work in Australia (you can grab the full, detailed moving to Australia cost breakdown by clicking the blue button below). 

Get access to my FREE Resource Library to get this PDF and more

All in, our total moving costs to Australia from the UK came to £18,550.

This was for visas, agent fees, shipping a 20ft container, insurances, IELTS test, medicals, flights and all of the things involved in moving our family of five to Australia (in the downloadable list, I’ve included extras you might not have budgeted for like taxis to and from the airports, car hire fees when you arrive and one-way travel insurance). We didn’t ship a pet with us.

This fee doesn’t include arrival fees like a bond on your first rental, buying cars or any of the things you need to set up your new life. You’ll need to allow extra in your relocation budget for those costs.  

The PDF download lists every item we spent on the move with costs and there is also a spare sheet for you to create your own budget estimates so you can work out what your moving to Australia costs are going to as you start to build your own moving to Australia budget. This PDF is one of many in my Free Resource Library. Click here to access it and lots more.  

The cost of migrating to Australia is certainly not cheap. But it is totally worth every penny, in my opinion! 

Moving to Australia: International moving costs explained

The downloadable PDF tells you what my own moving costs were when we relocated from the UK to Brisbane in 2014. If you have questions like: how much does an Australian visa cost for a family? How much is shipping to Australia? What does a migration agent charge? How much money do you need to emigrate to Australia? What insurance costs are there to consider?…This pdf has all of the answers based on my own actual international relocation costs. It will give you a starting point, but you’ll need to get your own quotes for things based on your personal situation. 

Want to get up to five shipping quotes? Fill out the form on this page and save yourself time while comparing costs. 

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Planning on relocating to Australia? Find out how much money do you need to move to Australia

Click here to get access to my FREE Resource library. This is where you’ll find lots of PDFs and downloads to make your move easier. 

Still at the very start of your migration journey? Check out this post: A beginner’s guide to moving to Australia.

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