I get asked the same questions all the time…How much is the cost of moving to Australia from the UK? How much money do you need to move to Australia? What does relocating to Australia actually cost the average family? How much does it cost for a visa to Australia?…

And I get it – when we were planning our relocation to Australia, I wanted somebody to give me a rough ball park figure of how much it was going to cost too.

How much to move to Australia?

I have just created a download to answer these questions based on my personal experience and also to get people thinking more about what their own moving to Australia costs might be.  Grab it here

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Moving to Australia: International moving costs explained

I have created a pdf that tells you what my own moving costs were when we relocated from the UK to Brisbane in 2014. If you have questions like: how much does an Australian visa cost for a family? How much is shipping to Australia? What does a migration agent charge? How much money do you need to emigrate to Australia? What insurance costs are there?…This new pdf has all of the answers based on my own actual international relocation costs.

Now, before you get ready to download the pdf, there is one thing to bear in mind: my costs of moving to Australia won’t be the same as your emigration costs. I might have more or less kids (I have three by the way). You might not need to take the IELTS. Booking your flights earlier might save you money. Your skills assessment might be more expensive than ours – every occupation has a different process and different charges. There are a lot of variables. But at least this gives you a rough guide and an idea of how much you need to budget if you plan to move from the UK to live and work in Australia. I have included a second page where you can log your own budget too to help you plan your own emigration costs.

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Planning on relocating to Australia? Find out how much money do you need to move to Australia

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