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I see a lot of people in forums giving their list of outgoings, but one person’s outgoings is so different to another person’s outgoings. So I just wanted give you a different perspective on things…The truth of the matter is that you don’t know the context of the figures that people are sharing online.

Welcome to episode 10 of the New Life in Australia 

This episode covers the different perspectives around whether Australia is more expensive or not and gives you some things to consider when comparing costs. 

Karen talks about: 

  • The shifting exchange rates and how this makes it difficult to compare like for like
  • House prices 
  • Food shopping
  • Salaries (and how your income will change over time)
  • Lifestyle choices and values
  • Energy bills and solar
  • Disposable income
  • Letting go of your old currency and thinking in Aussie dollars
  • All that really matters when it comes to affordability

Additional resources

You can find the AI-generated transcript for episode 10 here. 

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