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We live in central Queensland, it’s the Sunshine State. You know, it’s very rare that we don’t see the sun. It’s warm. Even in wintertime for us, it was warm. And you know, paddle boarding – it’s low impact. It’s a good all round sport for any age group, any level of fitness. And it’s great, not just for body fitness, but for the mind and the soul as well. Whether you participate in the sport for well-being, mindfulness or fitness, there’s something there for everybody.

Welcome to episode 12 of the New Life in Australia podcast

In today’s episode, Karen chats to Chris who moved to Australia earlier this year on a parent visa to live with her daughter. She has now set up a brand new stand up paddle boarding school in Australia. In the interview we talk about:  

  • The challenges of moving over on a parent visa.
  • The frustrations of waiting and waiting and waiting, and the difficulties of living across two different countries.
  • Taking up a hobby of stand up paddle boarding and then going on to become an Academy of Surfing Instructors accredited instructor.
  • Setting up a new business – Blue Therapy SUP – and all of the steps involved in that.
  • The importance of being flexible and adaptable, especially with regards to wait times and the visa.

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Paddleboarding on a calm lake

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