Father’s Day in Australia is on a different date to Father’s Day in the UK. It totally throws me every year – even after six years here. It means that I often (almost) forget to send gifts to our dads in England in June as there are no reminders of the date here – and it also means that family in England forget that we celebrate it at a different time of year! And because for years we’ve celebrated Father’s Day in June, the September Father’s Day in Australia seems to creep up on me leaving me little time to plan any special gifts for him.

If you’ve left buying your Father’s Day gifts a bit late like me, don’t worry. I have some ideas that will solve your dilemmas about choosing the best presents for dad.

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When is Father’s Day in Australia?

In Australia, Father’s Day 2020 is on 6th September. So it doesn’t give you a lot of time to plan your awesome Father’s Day gifts for dad this year – it’s OK though, some of these gifts can be purchased online instantly meaning they make perfect last-minute Father’s Day gifts.

If you want to get Father’s Day 2021 in your diary now, it’s on 5th September 2021.

Father’s Day gift ideas

Our family really isn’t into material things – we much prefer buying things second hand, getting more use out of the things we have and using things until they break (this is how we are with cars, mobile phones, clothes, furniture – pretty much everything). So this makes buying the perfect Father’s Day gift tricky. While a new set of pyjamas, a new shirt or some aftershave might be good for some dads this Father’s Day, I like to think about Father’s Day ideas that are personal or that help us create some memories together.

Father’s Day isn’t just about buying socks or chocolates just for the sake of it. For us, we try to give Father’ Day gifts that deliver amazing family experiences – it’s about creating some memories that will last a lifetime.

Best gifts for dad this Father’s Day in Australia

Here are my top six best gift ideas for Dad this Father’s Day.

Book a night away for Father’s Day

This is always the top of our list for gift ideas, whatever the occasion. I know that my hubby always appreciates a surprise night or two away as a Father’s Day gift. It doesn’t need to break the bank either – you can find lots of cheap last-minute deals.

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You’ll find city breaks, rural retreats, romantic hotels and family resorts. I book almost all of my travel through booking.com and love the deals. Top tip: register with the site and login when you search for accommodation as it sometimes gives you better offers that way.

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Karen Bleakley and her family surrounded by cactus plants

If you prefer self-catering, you can book an Air BnB. The photo above was taken at a totally unique AirBnB set within a botanic gardens on the Sunshine Coast!

If you set up your Air BnB account through this link, you can also get some money off your first booking. 

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Send a Father’s Day hamper

If the man in your life enjoys good food or drink, then a Father’s Day hamper is a fantastic idea. There are Father’s Day hampers selling everything from champagne and fine wine to chocolate and gourmet treats.

>> Check out the wine and champagne Father’s Day hampers on Gift It Now here. 

>> Shop online for sweet treats at Dessert Boxes

>> Select a mixed gourmet gift hamper for Father’s Day at Gourmet Baskets

>> If your dad or partner is a beer connoisseur, check out Brewquets for their range of beer hampers

Father’s Day hampers are a great gift idea as you can find Father’s Day hampers to suit all tastes. Be warned, you need to get your order in fast though if you want your Father’s Day hamper to be delivered in time for Father’s Day 2020!

Give a whale watching trip gift voucher for Father’s Day

If you’re looking for a unique Father’s Day gift ideas, giving an experience like a whale watching trip is one of the best gifts for dad. Assuming that he doesn’t get seasick (if he does, scroll on to the next ideas), a whale watching trip is one of the most incredible experiences in Australia. You can read my post all about choosing the best whale watching trip here.

>> Find your nearest whale watching cruise on Experience Oz

People on a whale watching cruise in Australia

>> Find whale watching cruises near you on Experience Oz

If you’re buying it as a gift and aren’t sure of the best whale watching cruise to choose, you can always buy a gift voucher from Gift It Now which can be redeemed towards a range of whale watching experiences.

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Give a portable bbq for Father’s Day

All dads love a good BBQ. A great gift for father is a portable BBQ so you can all head to the beach for breakfast or dinner more often. By giving a small BBQ that you can take out and about with you, you’re essentially giving your dad the gift of spending more time together as a family!

>> Shop for portable BBQs on Amazon Australia

The ultimate in Dad presents –  a small bbq is something you can all enjoy as a family!

Buy an inflatable paddleboard for Father’s Day

For energetic dads, an inflatable stand up paddleboard kit makes a great Father’s Day gift idea.

Nothing says happy Father’s Day quite like a gift of a new experience that gets you all outdoors enjoying your time off together. A stand-up paddleboard is something you can enjoy together as a family. Don’t forget to buy everything that he needs to get started though – paddle, pump, carry bag etc. There is nothing worse than opening a gift that you can’t use right away as there are bits missing.

>> Shop for inflatable paddle boards on Amazon Australia

Buy Father’s Day gift vouchers

If in doubt, you can’t go wrong by giving a gift voucher for Father’s Day. Yes. it’s not very imaginative, but it does mean he can spend the voucher on anything he wants.

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Father’s Day cards

If you don’t live close to your dad, or you’re in another country you’ll need to post a Father’s Day card.

Moonpig has a great range of cards to order online. We love creating personalised Father’s Day cards using our own photos.

>> Order your Father’s Day cards here from Moonpig.

Order your Father’s Day gifts today!

Australia Father’s Day is just a few days away! Don’t delay ordering your Father’s Day gifts, especially if it needs to be posted out. If you’ve really left it too late to order a Father’s Day gift for delivery then instead choose one of the instant delivery options above such as booking a night away or booking an experience.

Whatever you’re doing this Father’s Day – whether you’re going out for a Father’s Day lunch, going away for the weekend or just staying home to enjoy relax – enjoy your family time together and remember to celebrate the awesome dad in your life.

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