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It is just the most perfect time to start some new Christmas traditions for yourself. Your traditions from your home country probably came from family traditions. You do things in the way that everyone else in the family has always done them, and you’re following that process. But when you get here, you’re free to create your own brand new traditions…you can celebrate Christmas your way.

Welcome to the New Life in Australia podcast

In this episode, Karen talks about how she has embraced Christmas in the sun. This includes: 

  • Getting Santa photos (and how funny it is seeing Santa in Hawaiian shirts, board shorts and thongs!)
  • Christmas carol events in the suburbs
  • Enjoying the long school summer holidays over Christmas
  • Christmas food traditions in Australia
  • The Christmas dress code in Australia
  • Celebrating Christmas how YOU want to (not having to do what is expected of you)
  • Embracing a new kind of Christmas and creating your own new traditions


Additional resources

You can find the AI-generated transcript for episode 14 here. 

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