I remember our last Christmas in the UK. It was SO difficult knowing what to buy each other as we knew whatever we gave would need to come with us to Australia in our shipping container. Our family had real trouble deciding what to get us too – we ended up with mostly chocolates and booze as people knew we’d be able to consume those before we left the country! Then came our leaving party and people really struggled to know what to get us! We ended up with so many bottles of wine and boxes of chocolates so we ended up having a feast during our last few days in the country and had to give away what was left!

To help you out, I’ve put together a Christmas gift guide and a leaving gift guide based on the things I know we’d have loved to receive as either Christmas gifts, birthday gifts or leaving gifts during our last few months in the country. These are things that we’d have found useful, that wouldn’t take up too much space and we could have taken along on our adventure. You might also enjoy reading this guide to books about Australia too as some of those would be incredible gifts too.

Moving to Australia soon? Take a look at my guide to creating the ultimate emigration leaving party here!

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A leaving gift being held out in someone's hands

Christmas gifts or leaving gifts for someone moving to Australia

If you’re looking for a special gift for someone moving to Australia, here are some moving to Australia gift ideas for grown-ups:

Bose Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones These are amazing (I was lucky enough to get a pair in my stocking last Christmas, so I speak from personal experience)! These are great for the plane, and they’re awesome for listening to music or podcasts (or even just to turn them to silent so you can get some peace and quiet – they definitely help me concentrate on work when all of the kids are at home making a lot of noise). They aren’t very big so are easy enough to take in your hand luggage. They’re a long-lasting, quality item and they make a great main gift for your other half.
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GoPro Hero 5 This little camera will come in handy for your new life in Australia. It’s tiny, hard-wearing and great for taking into the water as you learn to surf or paddleboard. I have the Hero 4 but what I love about this one is it has a screen on the back so you can see what you’re filming (mine doesn’t have this – I’m jealous!). Then you can also add an accessory kit as a stocking filler and boom you’re ready for whatever adventure comes your way!
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Travel Wallet I don’t know why but I’ve always wanted a luxury travel wallet. It’s not something I need so I’ve never bought one, but then Christmas is a time for giving things that people want but don’t necessarily need! I love this dotty design!
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Citizen Ladies Wristwatch A watch is a lovely keepsake gift and a good quality watch will last for years. I love this classic design with a bit of bling.
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Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Chronograph Watch Here is a stylish men’s equivalent.
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Sony Compact Camera  Getting a new compact camera is a great investment as when you land you’ll want to share images with everybody back in the UK. It’s also a great way to capture your leaving parties and keep hold of those memories forever. Getting a camera with wi-fi is really handy to allow you to easily share images too.
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Lonely Planet Australia Just because everyone needs a great guide book.
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Australian Language and Culture Books about Australia are a great gift to give as stocking fillers. They don’t take up much space and are useful too!
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Smart Selfie Stick A good selfie stick always comes in handy and this one has an extendable arm and bluetooth remote.
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Waterproof Travel Gear Organiser Handy to keep all of your electrical gear in a safe place when travelling.
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Kindle Because Kindles take up less space than a library of books.
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iPad Air You can never have too many iPads when travelling!

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Moving gift ideas for kids

If you’re looking for moving to Australia gifts for kids for either Christmas presents or leaving gifts, here are some ideas below. (If the kids are particularly obsessed with wildlife like mine are, then this post is worth a read too as it outlines some essential first aid skills as well as more wildlife-related books which make useful educational gifts.)

A child getting a Christmas gift

Check out my top Christmas gifts for kids who are moving to Australia:

Crayola Travel Pack Fun things for the kids to do during transit.
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Kids’ Travel Journal Encourage your little ones to log their journey.
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Kids’ Neck Pillow Cute and practical – kids will love this little neck pillow.
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Travel Handbag Handy for older kids to carry their own gadgets on the plane.
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Everything you ever wanted to know about Australia Kids will love this book by Lonely Planet.
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 Puzzle Activity BookThese activity books are an awesome way to keep young kids entertained on the plane.
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Where’s Wally Travel Set My kids LOVE Where’s Wally – my four-year-old twins literally spent half of the flight over here reading Where’s Wally books.
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Consumable gifts for someone who is moving to Australia

If you’re looking for a leaving present for someone moving to Australia and they have a little time before they jet off, food and drink can be a great option. Remember to only buy these as a leaving present for someone emigrating to Australia if they are going to have time to enjoy it though – there is nothing worse than being given yummy food or drink and then having to leave it behind as you don’t have time to finish it!

Don’t bother giving a boring box of chocolates – there are some incredible, thoughtful hampers out there to choose from as leaving gifts or Christmas gifts:

Hay Hampers Traditional Tea Time Treats Hamper Box Give something that can be enjoyed in the moment.
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Tasting Gin Selection Because who doesn’t love a gin & tonic?
Order a Fever Tree Ultimate Gin and Tonic Collection on Amazon.

Green and Blacks Chocolate Lovers Hamper Now this is something I’d be very happy to find under my Christmas tree (just remember you won’t be able to bring the wicker hamper with you as you can’t ship it!)
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Give the gift of experiences this Christmas

Three kids at Australia Zoo making memories

In my opinion, giving experiences is so much better than giving presents just for the sake of it. When we got married back in 2005, I devised an experience gift list before I even knew it was a thing! We took a Caribbean cruise for our honeymoon so I made up experiences people could buy for us (a beach picnic, cocktails on the deck at sunset, an island tour etc.) as I really didn’t want to end up with ten over dishes and some crockery! Memories are everything to me.

Now that we’re in Australia, our family usually give us cash for Christmas and they ask us to buy gifts for our kids from them (then I use Currency Fair to move the money over to Australia as cheaply as possible). If we still lived in the UK, the kids would end up swamped in plastic toys that would be broken by the end of the holidays. Now that we buy most of their gifts from people, we usually get them a few key presents gifts and then put the rest of the money towards experiences like wildlife park passes or days out. Gift It Now make it super easy to buy experiences like this.

Our families aren’t (on the most part) the kind of people who shop online from shops they don’t know. With Gift It Now, it’s a site that I trust and I can share it with my family and they can shop themselves for our gifts. This makes a huge difference to me as buying ALL THE GIFTS usually falls on my shoulders every Christmas. That’s a lot of gifts (three kids each needing gifts from us and both sets of our parents = a lot of shopping for me!)

With Gift It Now, your family can buy you specific experiences in your city or they can buy you gift vouchers that you can use for an experience of your choice. They could choose to send you on a  Brisbane Story Bridge Climb or on a day trip to Taronga Zoo or on a Mornington Peninsula Horse Ride  – there are so many options!

Visit the Gift It Now website now and narrow down the options by region. Then make sure you share the site with your relatives! Visit the site here.

Leaving presents for someone emigrating to Australia

There are so many gifts for people moving to Australia – from designer sunglasses to snazzy beach rugs, from Saltwater Sandals (I’d love the yellow pair in my stocking as I already own a red pair and they are super comfortable!) to buying your other half a Kindle Unlimited subscription (which I think is a genius gift!) to give them an endless catalogue of ebooks on their Kindle. There are SO MANY IDEAS that won’t take up space in the moving container, so please don’t feel you have to give cash or chocolates!

Whether you’re looking for Christmas gifts for anyone, or you’re shopping for a leaving party gift for someone moving abroad, there are loads of ideas out there. Most of these are also great gift ideas for someone travelling to Australia too and backpacking as they are all portable gifts. I hope this article has helped you to think outside the box.

If you think these suggestions are helpful gift ideas for someone emigrating to Australia, it would be great if you’d give the post a share. Buying gifts for people moving to Australia is really tough, so give your family and friends a hand otherwise you might end up with lots of boxes of chocolates!

(This post contains affiliate links which means I receive a small commission for any purchases you make using these links at no extra cost to you.)

Still at the start of your migration journey and trying to figure out how to make your move a reality? Check out this guide to emigrating to Australia in six easy steps and be sure to visit my Trusted Experts page to find professionals to help make your move easier.

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