I can’t wait to share 6 joyful reasons to send Christmas flowers to Australia!

When the people you love live in a different country, Christmas can be challenging. It’s a time when you can feel the distance even more than usual. Giving special gifts can also be difficult as posting packages internationally takes weeks, and it can be really expensive.

I love living in Australia, but even I can feel sad and homesick sometimes over the Christmas holidays when I know my family and friends are getting together in the UK for parties and celebrations without us.

Christmas is an occasion that really reminds me of the distance between us. If you’re starting to think about what to give your loved ones Down Under this Christmas, here are 6 reasons to send Christmas flowers to Australia. And if you’re the one living in Australia, here are some reasons why Christmas flowers make such special festive gifts. 

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Christmas flowers Australia | Make someone you love smile 

  Send Christmas flowers to Australia with Floraly 

As you might know if you’re a regular reader of my blog, I’m a big fan of giving the gift of experiences over things. When we used to live in the UK, we’d be inundated with presents at Christmas. It was quite overwhelming. Shopping for gifts also became a process of ticking things off a very long shopping list rather than being the thoughtful occasion it should have been.

When we relocated from the UK to Australia, we discussed our plans for giving gifts with our families. We decided that we’d send money or order things online for the kids in the family (and likewise they’d do the same for us) for birthdays, Easter and Christmas and we’d just send one another thoughtful gifts occasionally.

This saved us from having to send packages internationally all the time which I know can be an expensive headache. It allowed us to scale things back and keep occasions simple so we could focus on what really matters.

Now the gifts we do send and receive are thoughtful ones sent and received with love.

Giving gifts should be just as much fun for the sender as it is for the recipient, so that’s something I try to keep in mind over the festive season. I no longer want to feel that Christmas shopping panic that I used to experience. 

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6 reasons to send Christmas flowers to Australia (or even mini Christmas trees – Australia has those too!)

Send Christmas flowers to Australia with Floraly

Here are just six of the reasons I think it’s a lovely idea to send seasonal flowers. Australia offers some stunning Christmas flowers arrangement ideas so you can stick with the traditional red Christmas flowers, or go for something more unique (even sending mini Christmas trees!) Australia floral arrangements are sure to make someone you love smile this Christmas! 

1 Sending Christmas flowers to Australia shows the people you love you’re thinking about them

If your family or friends have moved to Australia, the most powerful thing you can do at this time of year is show them they’re in your thoughts. Honestly, I can’t put into words how important it is to know you haven’t been forgotten and to know that somebody loves you so much they’ve sent you something special. 

When we moved to Australia, I wasn’t prepared for how many people would cut us out of their lives. I’ve had too many (what I thought were good) friends unfriend me on Facebook and it’s always hurtful, especially when they didn’t do anything to keep the relationship going. So many people stopped communicating with us when we moved to Brisbane and it feels like it’s often completely on our shoulders to stay in touch with everybody. It can feel exhausting at times. 

Thoughtful words in a Christmas card can really make an impact, but if you accompany your words with a bunch of Christmas flowers delivered to their door, it really takes that emotion to the next level. I’ve never not burst into tears after receiving flowers to Australia from UK relatives – it is just such a special experience at any time of the year but especially when you receive a Christmas flowers arrangement delivered to your door. 

Christmas is a really busy time. As a mum of three, I run around a lot at this time of year and I forget to stop and take in the moments. A Christmas flowers delivery really does stop me in my tracks and allows me pause and think about everything I’m grateful for, and it makes me love my family and friends even more for not forgetting me. 

2 People are at home enjoying the holiday season, so they’ll be at home to enjoy the beautiful blooms in all their glory

Send Christmas flowers to Australia with Floraly

OK, firstly, you need to check that this is correct – is the person you’re sending Christmas flowers and plants to in Australia at home for the holidays? Because you don’t want to place an order for Christmas flowers by post if there is a chance the recipient is going away as flowers won’t last long outside someone’s home in the Austrailan summer heat!

But if they aren’t going off camping or anything, there is a good chance the person is going to be home during the holidays to really enjoy looking at and smelling their gorgeous blooms. 

I like to put flowers on my kitchen bench so I can look at them all the time, so Christmas flowers are something that add extra decoration to our home and I love looking at them, especially over Christmas when I’m lazing around at home for a week or two enjoying the time off. 

3 You can do good while giving a gift that makes someone happy

If you send Christmas flowers, what makes it even better is when you order them from an ethical and sustainable flower company that gives back to the community. It’s a way of doubling the happiness you’re giving and who wouldn’t want to do that?! 

Floraly (the sponsors of this post) supports OzHarvest and provides a meal for someone in need for every bouquet bought. When you send Christmas flowers to Australia (or at any other time of the year!), you’re supporting a company that cares deeply for our planet, our communities and the local growers.

Floraly’s sustainable practices include reducing flower waste by packing flowers to order (not ordering flowers ahead with uncertain demand as some other big flower brands do) – and flowers are sent out in bud, which means they bloom in home and last for longer. They’ve managed to reduce flower waste by 90% which means that a third of their flowers don’t end up in the bin as they do with other big brands!

They’re also a carbon-neutral company and they work with Future Neutral, part of Greenfleet, to offset the carbon emissions generated by their operations. As a customer, you also have the option to offset your own order at the checkout if you wish. This supports Greenfleet in their mission to plant native Australian trees to restore critical ecosystems and protect our country’s absolutely stunning flora and fauna. AND they donate 1% of all of their revenue to charity. 

This takes your gift-giving to a whole new level as you’re giving back to the community and the planet as well as sending a beautiful Christmas bouquet, mini Christmas tree or Christmas gift pack. It’s a win-win!

4 Environmental considerations: We don’t need more ‘stuff’

banner to send Christmas flowers to Australia with Floraly

Aside from being able to order from a sustainable and ethical brand, there are more environmental things to consider when it comes to choosing which gifts to give at Christmas time. 

I definitely feel relieved that we’re no longer swamped with too much ‘stuff’ at Christmas – especially plastic junk that breaks straight away. We lead quite a frugal life here in Australia and there really aren’t many things that we want or need. Even the kids struggle to come up with Christmas lists now. I do still love to receive something special and unexpected though – especially something that I wouldn’t usually buy for myself like Christmas flowers. 

When you order Christmas flowers for delivery, it’s a special treat. It feels luxurious and indulgent, but not in a wasteful way. They say people don’t remember what you did or what you said, but they do remember how you made them feel, and when you send Christmas flowers to Australia, it makes the recipient feel loved and they will always remember you for creating that moment. 

I don’t need more stuff in my home – I’m constantly trying to declutter and reduce our things because I prefer to lead a simpler life (which is very hard as we seem to attract more stuff all the time!) I much prefer a gift I can really enjoy that isn’t going to fill my home, and isn’t going into landfill afterwards or cause any lasting environmental damage. 

5 Delicious scents make you happy

Send Christmas flowers to Australia with Floraly

I’ve just got into scents in my home in a big way – I know I’m late to the party!

Over the last few years, I’ve been trying various air freshener devices – plugins, sprays, oils and diffusers. I love it when my house smells divine – it makes me so happy. I love walking through the door and having that floral scent hit me. It makes me love my home even more! Christmas flowers are a fabulous way of adding a delicious smell to a home over the festive season, and that scent is a constant reminder that somebody loved me enough to buy me the flowers in the first place.

I love how a scent evokes feelings too, and what better smell than a bunch of fresh, Christmas flowers! 

6 Spread the holiday cheer with a universal gift – duplicates don’t matter!

Every Christmas in the UK, we’d be given some duplicate gifts – we’d get a block of knives, or a wine rack or a wooden chopping board even though we already had that thing and didn’t need another. Christmas flowers are a versatile gift to send. And even if somebody has already received a bunch of Christmas flowers from someone else, you can never have too many as you can just put them in another room! The more the merrier – it all just makes your home look and smell more beautiful!

Flowers suit everybody, and by sending Christmas flowers to Australia from the UK or whichever country you’re sending them from, you are spreading holiday cheer far and wide. It doesn’t matter what gifts are under the tree already – flowers will always be appreciated. 

Sending Christmas flowers to Australia – easy yet impactful!

Who knew something as easy as sending flowers to Australia for Christmas (which takes you a few minutes online) could make such an impact on someone’s life – and on the planet!

You tend to assume things that make a bigger impact involve harder work, but the reality is a thoughtful gift can be really easy to organise online (no wrapping, packing or taking a box to the post office!) Yet, when your Christmas flower gifts arrive, the’re going to blow somebody away and make such a lasting impression on them. 

Christmas trees online: Australia Christmas gifts for someone you love

Even better than sending Christmas flowers is sending a cute mini Christmas tree in the mail! You may not be there to decorate the tree together to the sounds of Christmas songs, but this gift is a great way to be present in someone’s life during the festive season even from the other side of the world. 

Are you ready to send Christmas flowers to Australia? 

Send Christmas flowers to Australia with Floraly

Want to send thoughtful, sustainable Christmas flowers to Australia? You can order Christmas flowers online in Australia from Floraly here. 

It’s super easy to send Christmas flowers online to Australia from another country. Whether you’re looking to send a Christmas flowers basket, a Christmas flowers bouquet, Christmas flowers in a vase or a stunning mini Christmas tree! Order yours online at Floraly here – more products will be added as Christmas approaches!  

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Thanks to Floraly for sponsoring this article about sending Christmas flowers to Australia and for helping share the message about giving sustainable, thoughtful gifts. 

Looking for more Christmas gift inspiration? Find out about how to send flowers to Australia here or find out about ordering last-minute online gifts here. 


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