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If you have friends or family living in Australia, the chances are you might need to send gifts to Australia sometimes for Christmas, Easter, birthdays, weddings and other special occasions. Or if you’re the one who has moved to Australia from another country, then maybe your family keeps asking you how they can send Christmas gifts to Australia from overseas through a reliable company without wasting money on postage.

Anyone sending gifts to Australia should order Australian gifts online from an Australian gift company rather than attempting to post gifts to Australia from the UK or other countries as international postage fees are crazy and we have some incredible Australia gifts companies (from Australian hamper companies and Australian flower deliveries through the tickets and tour companies and everything in between) here where things can be delivered quickly and easily without it taking forever!

If you’re specifically looking for hamper gift ideas in Australia, check out this post all about the best Australian hampers. 

This post about gifts to send to Australia contains affiliate links. The full disclosure is available in the footer.

Looking for gifts for a friend moving to Australia? Read this leaving gift guide.

Don’t have time to read the full post and need online gift ideas quickly? 

Here’s a round-up of the following shopping recommendations mentioned in the post.

For instant online delivery

Order online giftcards or gift vouchers in Australia….

>> Send prepaid Mastercards with Gift Cards Store
>> Send giftcards with Best Gift Cards
>> Get an Amazon Australia gift voucher

Buy experience gift vouchers or order experience gifts in Australia 

redballon experience gifts in Australia 

Use these redballoon discount codes to save with redballoon via the link below.

  • SPEND250 – Spend $250 get 5% off
  • SPEND300 – Spend $300 get 10% off

Adrenaline experience gifts in Australia

Use these Adrenaline discount codes to save with Adrenaline via the link below.

  • SP350S10 – Spend $350 Get 10% Off
  • SP300S5 – Spend $300 Get 5% Off 

>> Buy exciting experiences at adrenaline

Experience Oz gifts in Australia

Use these Experience Oz discount codes to save with Experience Oz via the link below.

  • EXOZ350 – Min Spend $350 = 10% off
  • EXOZ300 – Min Spend $300 = 5% off 

>> Buy experiences at Experience Oz

Order gifts for postal delivery in Australia (so NOT instant gifts)…

>> Send luxury food hampers with Gourmet Basket
>> Order Beer gifts with Brewquets

What are the best Australian gifts to send overseas? 

> Check out these experience gifts at redballoon 

(Don’t forget to check out the discount codes mentioned at the top of the article). 

I really do think the best Australian gifts to send overseas are experience gifts that can be purchased online and redeemed for attraction or tour tickets when it suits the individual. 

What the world situation over the last few years has taught me is that I don’t need more ‘things’. I’m much less interested in physical things now – I would rather go somewhere and make some memories. Sending experience gifts to Australia is a great way to invite people to get out and enjoy their surroundings and also to support the Australian economy by encouraging people to go to tourist attractions that are struggling without the usual number of international tourists.

Not only is it super easy to send online gifts for overseas friends (no wrapping or postage required!) but you’ll be giving the gift of an experience they can treasure and remember forever. 

Send gifts to Australia from the UK or anywhere overseas

My family in the UK often pay money into my UK bank account for special occasions like last-minute birthday gifts and they usually tell me it is there the day before the event (or sometimes even a few days after!). Then I have to rush out to the shops to buy something with my own money for the kids, and transfer the money to Australia. It is really appreciated, but it can also be very stressful for me. Last year, we had to rush to the shops with some Easter money to buy the kids some last-minute Easter gifts after finding out we’d received some unexpected Easter money. But there are much better ways to buy gifts in Australia from the UK or other countries.

If you know you need to send gifts for Australian relatives, I think it’s a great idea to avoid causing them panic by sending money to them late (gifts should be fun to receive, they shouldn’t cause stress and headaches to the recipient!). Instead order and send gifts in Australia so all they have to do is receive them! 

>> Shop for experience gifts at redballoon 

What do you do if you miss the Easter or Christmas post to Australia deadline? Don’t panic!

Whether the occasion is Christmas, Easter or a birthday- we’ve all forgotten to get things in the post before the postage deadline (and let’s face it – when you post things to Australia, who knows how long it will take to arrive anyway!).

If you want to send gifts to Australia from the UK or elsewhere, there is a solution that saves you stress and postage. Just buy Australia gifts from an Australian company. Then there is no need to worry about the Christmas to Australia postal costs, deadline dates, delays or lost packages! It takes a whole heap of stress out of the occasion of sending Christmas Australia gifts to your friends or family. You can even order your card online from a store like Moonpig so you don’t even need to post a card! (I never post cards to the UK anymore – Moonpig is a lifesaver for me!)

Australia gifts are easy to buy online here in Australia, but it is understandable that you feel nervous shopping with companies you don’t know and trust without having a recommendation.

I’m an affiliate partner for redballon who I recommend in this post for buying experience gifts, or if the recipient prefers more adrenaline-fuelled activities, adrenaline is a fantastic site filled with exciting adventures. 

Wondering how people spend Christmas in Australia? Check out this post!

Experience gifts Australia: Online gifts Australia free delivery

Three kids feeding a kangaroo at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

To keep things simple for everybody, I always recommend giving experience gifts in Australia. Firstly, who needs more plastic junk that is going to go in the bin in a few days/weeks/months?! Australia has some incredible attractions, tours and day trips and these make much better Christmas gifts in Australia than stuff you don’t need. Experiences stay with you for a lifetime and they can have such a positive influence on your kids too.

If you are looking for Easter gifts in Australia, birthday gifts to send to Australia, Christmas gift ideas in Australia or wedding gifts in Australia, then giving the gift of an experience in Australia is much better because memories last much longer than chocolate, gift hampers flowers or wine. And the best part is that these online gift ideas in Australia come with instant free delivery as you can just send gift vouchers that can be redeemed towards the experience.

Looking for Father’s Day gifts in Australia? Have a read of this post!

Australia gifts website: Choose the perfect family gifts in Australia

I recommend three Australia gift websites for experience gifts, whether you are looking for gifts for individuals, couples, your partner or you’re looking for gifts for family in Australia or friends living overseas in Australia – there are so many amazing options that kids (and adults!) will love.

Order gifts online in Australia from redballoon

If you’re in Australia and are looking for a fun way to spend your Easter money, Christmas money or birthday money from family overseas, then I highly recommend redballoon You can book all kinds of tickets, short breaks and attractions for your family, including Australia Zoo, hop on hop off bus tours and beach horse rides. 

Click here to visit redballoon now and check out their hot deals and special offers on local attractions, tours and day trips

Don’t forget to use these codes to save with redballoon via the link above.

  • SPEND250 – Spend $250 get 5% off
    SPEND300 – Spend $300 get 10% off

This site is packed with fun things to do in Australia and has loads of choices of experiences. 

Order adrenaline-fulled gifts to Australia from the UK or overseas from adrenaline

If you’re looking to send a gift to your family in Australia from overseas and you know the person in question loves speed, thrills and spills, adrenaline is a great option. Think flying experiences, jet boats and racing cars! 

Click here to explore adrenaline’s exciting gift ideas in Australia

Use these codes to save with Adrenaline via the link above.

  • SP350S10 – Spend $350 Get 10% Off
  • SP300S5 – Spend $300 Get 5% Off 

Find experience gifts, tours and attraction tickets in Australia

Experience Oz is a great option for booking tours and attraction tickets for your family in Australia. 

Click here to check out Experience Oz tours and tickets in Australia 

Use these codes to save with Experience Oz via the link above.

  • EXOZ350 – Min Spend $350 = 10% off
  • EXOZ300 – Min Spend $300 = 5% off 

Not sure what to buy? 

That’s OK! Experience Oz, redballon and adrenaline have an option to buy gift cards or online gift vouchers so the recipient can put the money towards an experience of their choice. This makes sending a gift to Australia easy as it means you get to give the gift of Australia experiences, attractions and trips in the form of gift vouchers so the recipient can choose their own memorable experience.

It is super easy to use and you can instantly send gift vouchers to your loved ones in Australia which they can redeem for whatever they choose. Gift vouchers are valid for five years too, giving plenty of time for them to be used.

Don’t just send the cash which easily gets spent and forgotten, giving the gift of experiences means you are giving memories for a lifetime. And by giving vouchers, your family can have a look and pick the experiences that they really want.

Get a redballoon instant delivery gift voucher in Australia
Get an adrenaline instant delivery gift voucher in Australia 
Click here to check out Experience Oz tours and tickets in Australia 

If you’ve been wondering how to buy gifts in Australia from the UK, then ordering experience gift vouchers for people in Australia is fast, reliable and simple plus you’re only paying for the gift voucher and not for postage if you opt for instant email delivery.

Wondering what kinds of travel, tour and day trip experiences are available in Australia?

So you’ve decided that you like the idea of buying presents for family in Australia through an experience website but aren’t sure what exactly to buy? Here is some inspiration so you can buy a gift in Australia as an e-gift that can be redeemed for an Australia experience day, attraction ticket or tour.

Read all about whale watching in Australia in this post and see a photo of my son’s grinning face below as I took him on his first whale watching trip. You can book whale watching tours in lots of locations in Australia through redballon just like this one with Brisbane Whale Watching.  (You can do whale watching trips from June – November – but you can buy the vouchers year-round and then redeem them during the next season. Just be sure to check where your relative or friend lives to make sure whale watching is available in their part of the country).

>> Visit redballoon to shop for experience gifts

Find out about day trips to Tangalooma Island Resort on Moreton Island in this post. Take a look at that idyllic photo below of my kids playing in the ocean til the sun went down (after an exciting day of sand boarding down a giant dune and eating ice cream!) You can book a Tangalooma day trip with wild dolphin feeding  on redballoon (there is a range of day trip options to choose from too).

>> Book a Tangalooma day trip with wild dolphin feeding  on redballoon

And what about a day trip to the Sea Life Sunshine Coast? My son couldn’t take that smile off his face after being invited to join the seal show!

>> Get your Sea Life Sunshine Coast tickets here.

Get your Sea Life Sunshine Coast tickets here.

These activities are all available as gift vouchers in Australia, and experiences like this have honestly shaped our kids in so many ways. I now have three wildlife-mad kids who respect the environment, love animals and who are growing into passionate little travellers (this sits so well with me as you can see from my values and vision here).

>> Check out these activities and more on redballoon

Australia gifts and last-minute gifts in Australia

If you’re looking for gift delivery in Australia to buy experience gifts, the above sites are reliable and super easy to navigate, and they make buying gifts online in Australia a breeze. They are also plenty of places to send online gifts in Australia with free or low delivery – please don’t waste money on international postage!

Buying a present for someone in Australia doesn’t need to be a headache. You can send presents to Australia instantly by ordering online gifts.

Don’t panic about missing the Christmas post to Australia date anymore. Forgotten to send Easter gifts to Australia? Left it too late for a birthday in Australia? Worried about ordering last-minute Christmas gifts in Australia? Need gifts for friends in Australia quickly? You can send last-minute gifts to Australia for your family by checking out the Australia gift website, redballoon.

If you are interested in more gift ideas, be sure to check out this post about gifts for people moving to Australia and this post about inspiring Australia books.

Order the best gift cards online in Australia

If you want to send a prepaid Mastercard loaded with money, Gift Card Store is the place to go! You can even personalise the cards too! This is a totally flexible gift as it can be used anywhere at all. Check out the Gift Card Store here. I love these and use them often for sending gifts (I even use this store to send virtual gift cards to people whose moving story I have published!) 

If you love the idea of ordering a gift card online in Australia for things like restaurants, spas, beauty and pets. BestGiftCards is a great site to consider. If your recipient lives in or close to a major city, this is an amazing gift option as unlike sending money, it has to be used for an experience (rather than accidentally being spent!). Unlike the Gift Card Store prepaid cards, these can’t be used everywhere which means the recipient has to use it on a gift-type experience. Buying these guarantees the recipient will receive a treat (rather than just spending the money on food shopping or a bill or something which can easily happen with cash or a regular prepaid card.)

It’s worth clicking around the best gift cards site to explore the options for the region your friend/relative lives in before buying. As an example, I just looked at the restaurants included in their restaurant gift card for Brisbane and there are 22 to choose from around the city, but there are also lots of options elsewhere listed (including some in and around the suburb where I live which is 45 minutes from the city). I can also see there are options around the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast where we regularly go for short breaks, so I’m certain there is a great restaurant for me in there!   

Again, for their beauty gift card option, you can look on their site to explore options in the region. For Brisbane, there are 26 spas within 15km of Brisbane to choose from. With their pet gift card option, you can search by state to look for things like pet-friendly holidays, grooming, treats and more.  

The best thing is, you don’t need to specify WHICH gift card to buy – when you buy a ‘best gift cards‘ giftcard online the recipient can choose whether to use it for a restaurant, spa, experience of pet gift so it puts them in control of the gift they receive.

>> Shop here for prepaid Mastercards from GiftCardStore

>> Shop here for Best Gift Cards Australia

Order online gifts on Amazon Australia

Have a bit of time to play with? If you aren’t in a rush for buying a gift online in Australia, it’s still not worth looking for gift ideas to post to Australia as you’ll waste too much money on the postage. Instead, why not order gifts for Australian relatives from Amazon Australia? It’s a brand you know you can trust with great customer service, and there are millions of products to choose from and there are many gifts with free or low cost postage.

A perfect gift for a family living in Australia is a beach wagon (you can read this post about buying the best beach wagon or beach cart here or browse beach carts on Amazon directly here) or you can find all kinds of beach gear or things perfect for the outdoor lifestyle that your friends or family will love.

You can also send Amazon gift vouchers to Australia. Amazon gift vouchers are an instant gift that everyone will appreciate. I often send Amazon gift vouchers to friends and family in other countries – it’s such an easy gift and then they can buy whatever they like from you. >> Visit Amazon Australia here

Order gift hampers in Australia

If you want to send something special that isn’t an experience or a gift voucher, your other option is sending hampers in Australia. There are all kinds of luxury gift hampers in Australia to choose from whether that is Christmas hampers, Easter hampers, chocolate hampers, healthy treat hampers or even pamper hampers! 

Gourmet Baskets 

Offering a range of gourmet food and drink hampers, Gourmet Baskets offers hampers for all occasions! 

>> Shop for gourmet food hampers in Australia at Gourmet Baskets

Brewquets Beer Hampers

For the beer lover in your life, you can send a beer hamper with Brewquets beer hampers. With drink hampers for all occasions, you can say it with a beer hamper! 

>> Shop for beer hampers in Australia with Brewquets

Order online gifts Australia

I hope this post has given you inspiration about how to send gifts to Australia and showed you that you don’t need to send presents to Australia in a panic anymore (or pay the crazy postage to send gifts to Australian relatives in the post!). You can easily order gifts online in Australia and your family in Australia will really appreciate the gesture too!

Get started buying presents in Australia from the UK or abroad here…

(Don’t forget to check out some discount codes at the top of the article). 

>> Shop for experience gifts at redballoon
>> Buy exciting experiences at adrenaline
>> Buy tours and tickets at ExperienceOz
>> Shop here for prepaid Mastercards from GiftCardStore

>> Send giftcards with Best Gift Cards
>> Get an Amazon Australia gift voucher
>> Send luxury food hampers with Gourmet Basket
>> Order Beer gifts with Brewquets

Pinterest image of someone ordering Australia gift ideas and sending flowers
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  1. Janet Ellithorn

    Hi not sure how to gift it now im in england and want to zend my son a stand up paddle board experience on brisbaine river at kangaroo point i think?.
    I dont un derstand what an e ticket is

    • KarenB

      Hi Janet, Thanks for your comment. Here is my affiliate link to that experience:

      You click to purchase and then go to the checkout. Here you add in the name of who you want to send this to, write a personalised message to them and write who it is from, then enter your contact details and payment details as the purchaser. You will then get to add the recipient’s contact details so you can have the experience sent to your son. An e-ticket is something that he will be able to print off or show on his phone when he is ready to redeem the experience voucher. Hope that helps!

  2. Nick

    Hi, Thanks for your information about gifting to someone in Australia from the UK. I want to be able to gift a phone, what would be the best way of doing that?

    • KarenB

      Hi, You can buy phones from lots of shops online including:,,, or Or you can buy from the Australian phone stores like Apple etc. All of these are reliable retailers to order from. Hope that helps.

  3. Nick Tanna

    Hi, Thanks for your information about gifting to someone in Australia from the UK. I want to be able to gift a phone, what would be the best way of doing that?

  4. Claire

    Hey! Am I able to purchase a food takeaway on something like menulog to be delivered to my friend in WA even if I’m in the uk? Thanks for a really useful blog about gifts!

    • KarenB

      Hi Claire, Thanks a lot! Yes you can do this. I just did a quick Google search and found a few options for gift cards for things like Menulog, Doordash and Ubereats – or for meal services like Marley Spoon or Dinnerly etc. The thing to check is that it operates in the area of the person you’re ordering for (as I know Ubereats aren’t available everywhere in Australia.) Woolworths is one of our main supermarket chains and they also sell giftcards for lots of brands so that’s worth checking out.

  5. Christina Ballard

    Hi Karen I am in the UK but have family living in Queensland. Is there a way for me to gift cinema trips preferably as e tickets/gift cards for my children to use? Also is it possible to put credit on Kindle accounts to purchase books using Amazon Aus? 7I would be buying from the UK for use in Australia.
    Really hoping you can help me with this.

    Thanks for all the other very useful information in your blog, Chris

    • KarenB

      Hi Christina, Thanks for the questions. You can absolutely buy cinema gift cards in Australia from another country. Search online to find which chain of cinema is closest to where your children live. I’m on the northside of Brisbane and we have Event Cinemas and Hoyts close by so you could try by Googling those first. When you found one close by, you’ll find they have a gift area on their site to buy vouchers and you should be able to just buy them and use your UK address as your billing address for it. Make sure you look for evouchers if you don’t want to have them delivered by post.

      Woolworths is one of our main supermarkets here and they also have a gift card shop too: so there are loads of options through that where you can choose eGift cards (they also have cinema gift cards on there).

      With Amazon, you can buy regular egift vouchers on the site which I believe they can then use to buy ebooks (I couldn’t find anything saying otherwise on Amazon). If your family moved from the UK they might still have their Kindle associated with though and the voucher needs to be from the associated country. It is possible to change the country on a Kindle but I believe you can only change it back if you have a valid payment method for that original country. Just something to be aware of so you can make sure you buy evouchers for the country they prefer.

      I hope that helps! Glad you found the guide useful.

  6. Ann Spicer

    I would like to gift my 11-year old grandson some classic books, i.e. Treasure Island, Swiss Family Robinson, Around the World in 80 days, The Three Musqueteers etc. etc. who lives in Sydney NSW. Can you suggest some organisation who would help. I use the Gifts Australia sites and others like it but they only seem to do kiddies books.

    • Karen Bleakley

      Hi, to send physical books online you could either use Amazon or a bookshop like Dymocks or Booktopia. Any of those should work.


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